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Stainless Steel Synth Collection by MINA


Water temperature and flow rate are like volume and melody tone which should be carefully regulated to reach the ideal comfort. The starting point is water control through the tap control. It is a stainless steel cylinder enriched with incisions and grooves which allow regulating movements.

mina products synth 3

We find great workmanship on steel in the foreground, this is one of Mina’s strengths. Moreover, a thin shadow is created by a flute on the handle which enhances the link between light and surface. The brushed stainless steel finish appears in all its brilliance and well tunes with the surrounding environment.

mina products synth 2

A smaller, limited size is essential and proportionally light. Many possible options of Synth series are available including a crucial strategic plus: the three-hole hot and cold water faucet. Separate controls can be placed traditionally on both side of the spout otherwise can be put close together. This emphasizes the effect of mixing and regulating water by turning the items. The Synth collection made entirely of stainless steel consists of several proposals for the basin, shower, and bathtub. It likes matching vintage mood with contemporary projects.

mina products synth 4

Mina is a family business that is able to unite with natural authenticity the experience and craftsmanship efficiency with the taste for design, the certified industrial quality and the link with the raw material. The company was established in the early 1950s, the choice to manufacture a whole product range made of stainless steel was born in the 1998s. The AISI 316L has always been the backbone of business development. For MINA the best material to offer collections of high-end taps, intended for kitchen and bathroom, ranging between items and accessories made out of stainless steel.

mina products synth 1