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Trendy Brass, Black and Gray Decor Gives Glamor to Apartment Interior


The stylish gray purity and modern simplicity of this Lithuanian apartment carried out by Me2 architects are spiced up by trendy brass details that add glamor and sparkle to the light interior dеcor composition.

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The apartment features an open floor plan that hosts the soft sitting area, a kitchen island with dining table structure that separates the living from the kitchen area and the custom-made cabinetry structure of the food preparation zone give a strong focal accent to the whole assembly.

apartment Me2 architects 4

A beautiful sculptural arrangement is achieved here – thin black lines and shelves, rich textural surfaces in expressive gray for cabinetry and the sparkle of the trendy brass accents – a very stylish, and we may add unique kitchen design. The living room zone possesses the same well-balanced modern combination – warm gray accents in the sofas and carpets, elegant – thin black insertions and the shining vitality of unexpected brass details – lamps, decorative objects and custom-made cabinetry.

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In the bathroom premise, the golden shine of the brass elements sits very well on the rich black tiles and curtain backdrop. The graphic pattern of the black and white tiles on the floor, with its classic elegance, introduces a playful hint replicated throughout the apartment in upholsteries, ceramics and so on. Is like a playful challenge – can you see it in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and foyer?

apartment Me2 architects 1

The same repetition that unifies the design language throughout the different functional zones is achieved with the glamour of the golden brass details custom-made structures, trendy lamps (in the case of the bedroom ones – trendy but with a hint of retro style), decorative details and furniture accents have the vital golden shine that sits very well with the elegant and well-measured décor composition of this modern home.

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