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Archetype Renovated Moscow Apartment Using Color for Accents


Aristocratic and noble colors and materials combined with contemporary shapes create the unique atmosphere for this Moscow Pomegranate Apartment.

archetype edesign moscow flat 5

Using color accents entwined with luxurious materials hints (gold-hued brass and elegant marble together with strategically placed wooden structures and cladding) the architects from ARCH(E)TYPE renovated this Moscow apartment into modern and dynamic home with a noble twist.

archetype edesign moscow flat 2

Following the brief of the young owner, the designers used dark tones, expressive furniture combinations, and contemporary functional distribution to create a home that has character and identity, introducing an aristocratic color palate and delicate luxury. Removing wall separations and creating new privet areas like the bedroom|bathroom – closed space behind the sliding doors – the designer used colors and textural elements to define functions.

archetype edesign moscow flat 7

The contrast of color enhances symbolic functional separation of the open-plan living areas – deep navy blue for the kitchen, romantically paired up whit crisp white cabinets (carrying the countryside cottage hint) and minimalist, functional lines are juxtaposed to the scarlet red of the living room arrangement underlined by the stone – gray walls upholstered in Alcantara. The dining room interior composition features softer hues based on neutral grays, mild white and the aristocratic hint of bras elements and design details.

archetype edesign moscow flat 1

The working corner and the entrance foyer also offer expressive and unique compositions. The burgundy red of the working office creates warm and welcoming ambiance and the custom made timber shelving introduces modern and elegant feel of exclusivity and contemporary dynamics. The entrance, on the other hand, is decided in deep forest green (a cozy and mild area that welcomes you home) paired up with luxurious marble floors, romantic hint of brass decorations and trendy modernly shaped bench in vivid bright red.

archetype edesign moscow flat 4

archetype edesign moscow flat 3

archetype edesign moscow flat 6