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Relaxing Home Encourage an Outdoor Lifestyle


A house that helps you connect with the surroundings, the tranquil lifestyle and the warm weather? Imagine that. Because that is what the architects from Mcleod Bovell Modern Hoses have done with the project of this G’Day House in Canada. Contemporary simplicity of composition, free flow between inside an outside premises, invitingly looking wooden deck-terrace with a view toward the distant water body, reflecting pools with river pebbles surrounding the house and sophisticated modern interior arrangements, create a home of ease and tranquil elegance.

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The materials palette used, the architectural configurations created and the spatial relationships are aiming to recreate the feel of modern beach house – simple, flexible and easy going. The open floor connection between the main living premises is extending throughout column – free sliding doors towards the terrace.

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Inside the free-standing, suspended fireplace (a trendy and very popular modern design choice) and the simplistic design of the dining table set can rotate and be flexibly arranged in different positions, depending on the weather and the number of guests. The soft siting corner introduces a warm and colorful spot amongst the purity of the wooden cladding and the alternation of black and white plaster walls. Textural richness, comfy and simple shapes and colorful accents invite for relaxation in a modern ambiance.

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Wooden custom-made structures – like the library shelving, the kitchen island base or even the wooden lattice paneling of the facade, introduce specific charm and memorable character to the house composition. Trendy black walls (including the elegant black tiles cladding the master bathroom decor) give an expressive accent and visual anchor to the design composition. The reflecting pools creating the illusion of natural river beds and the generous side-yard area, used for outdoor cooking enhance the house connection with the outside nature.

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