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Freshness and Accentuated Ease for a West Chelsea Apartment, New York


Creating their home, the architectural duo BoND had reimagined the apartment’s interiors design and space layout into an ambiance that embodies contemporary freshness and tranquility.

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The building is a classic 1910’s New York construct – with high ceilings, arched windows but crowded premises and insufficient light distribution. The architects rectified this by removing partitions, adding depth and dynamics into the premises. Using light colors of finishing’s, furniture and materials – in this count the elegant white marble structures, the trendy white metal, framed glass partitions and the timeless classic of the white wall paint. The apartment is small (something typical for today’s megapolis homes) but it has charm and elegant contemporary style that make it appear comfortable and free.

bond west chelsea apartment 5

The living room design arrangement features luminous space ambiance that entwines fresh and classic whitens with history enveloped arched windows and high ceilings, all of it spiced up with almost animated furniture selection. A cheerful armchair in expressive emerald green is matched with stylish gray sofa and playful lamp and table’s designs.

bond west chelsea apartment 4

The dialog between the organic and rustic texture of the white-painted brick half of the fireplace and the stainless steel facade of it is indicative of the eclectic mixture of classic and modern in this apartment’s design. Simple, elegant and functional structures and IKEA cabinets complete the design arrangement of the premises. Warm accents come from the wooden dining set and the rich textiles including carpets and wooden parquet. Continuing the luminous and stylish white inspiration from the rest of the apartment, the bathroom premise is clad in the very trendy this season mini tile insulation.

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