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Twin Townhouses In Melbourne with Rooftop Pool


A house that truly shows you the unlimited height that can be achieved on a tiny urban plot if the architects think outside the box and aim for more. As it is becoming more explicit in the last years, the urban living faces space restraints that inspire architects and designers to become more creative and bold.

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Composing this twin-house on a merely 75 square meres plot in inner Melbourne the architects and house owners from DKO Architecture Jesse Linardi and his partner Seada Linardi (a director of SLAB), reached for the stars – quite literary as it turns out – composing six levels home that dynamically unfolds in height, finishing with fantastic rooftop garden and plunge pool (to compensate, quite successfully, the lack of courtyards and terraces). Clearly the striking facade of the home – featuring black powder-coated perforated steel structures – becomes a strong protagonist not only of the social, street face of the new house but as a significant protagonist of the interior decor arrangement as well.

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Being movable and versatile – according to weather conditions and needs of privacy – this unconventional facade is also a dynamic accent of the inner ambiance. Filtering light in interesting patterns and securing secluded ambiance, the perforated black steel construct finds its reflection in the interior composition by extending the usage of black metal as interior decor material and design element. Entwining rich and warm wooden constructs with black accents and expressive dark frames the designers created a very cozy and welcoming ambiance with characteristic sleek lines, rich textures and dynamic modern expression.

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Cozy black leather couch and custom-made wooden structures that host the extensive music collection of the owners – as main accents composed the 5ft floor living room corner. Airy gray curtains and polished concrete floors frame the composition with their opposites-attract-attitude. Multifunctional kitchen island – dining table constructed in solid black with wooden top takes the center of the premise. Sating true to the black accent, rich wood composition balanced by sophisticated gray accents the designers composed each floor and space of this modern home (including bedroom and closed spaces) so its final outlook is sophisticated, trendy and inviting.  Photography by Tom Blachford

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