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Grupo One New Office Space by Manuel García Asociados


Composing the new office space for construction and developing company Grupo One  the designers from Manuel García Asociados used rich and expressive materials palette that gives substance and sophisticated, warm emanation for the new office premises.

manuel garcia office grupo one 13

manuel garcia office grupo one 12

Entwining signature material choices – like the rich wooden cladding, dark metal accents and beautiful, trendy terrazzo floors, the designers composed a very warm and welcoming modern office space. Attention towards the detail, professional usage of noble materials, clear lines and expressive custom-made structures become not only a showcase of the sophisticated style of the designers, no, the offices themselves become a letter of introduction for the client’s construction company capable of taking care of even the smallest details, showing their good work with different constructive solutions. A dynamic dialog between the designers and their clients and the client’s clients as a third party, begins – a complicated and very successful approach for modern office design solutions.

manuel garcia office grupo one 11

The main entry premise features transparent facade that makes a connection with the outside (and the sea facing panorama) elegantly and subtly. Glimpses of the warm and welcoming interior can be seen as a first impression –material richens that entwines the characteristic for this project wooden stripes cladding, elegant furniture selection and versatile textural expressions: from the polished floors to the dark metal structures and the sophisticated presence of the white marble details.

manuel garcia office grupo one 4

The solid black metal surface that interrupts the fragile, glass transparency of the facade carries the stylistic logo of the company and visually divides the entrance area to a waiting and conference premises. In the depth of the interior composition, the visual dynamic of alternating the thin stripes of the wooden cladding with glass partitions, the dark with the white surfaces continues, a material and textural juxtaposition balanced by the intriguing gray surface of the floors that go through and thro the office space.

manuel garcia office grupo one 7

The designers had composed a very clever play of different types of materials to organize and divide the different functions into zones. Quality lighting by Delta Light is introducing, uniquely designed furniture pieces (service and management tables), matched with a functional and versatile seating by InClass, complete the project’s composition, generating a professional brand image, friendly and close.  Photography by Diego Opazo

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