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22 Ideas to Hide a Guest Bed


Most likely there are two main reasons for you to search out our article – 22 Ideas to Hide a Bed. First – if you live in a small one-room apartment and need a creative idea how to save space from a bed positioning, which, anyway, one uses only at night and would be a huge space savior to hide it during the daily activities. In this case, maybe our research on 50 studio apartment ideas may also be helpful and inspiring, check it out. In case two – you do have enough space in your home for a master bedroom, but your search for inspiration how to hide a guest bed, that you do not use often and you would like a smart way to fit it in your interior decor composition. In both cases, we hope this article will be helpful and will give you strategic and practical ideas for your needs. Here is a list of 22 inspired ideas from contemporary designers from around the world, we selected for you.

22 hide a guest bed ideas 01

Image credit: joybird.com

1. Sofa Beds

green hide a bed couch

Image credit: joybird.com

The most common solution for a hide-a-bed approach is the sofa bed. That is what usually comes to mind when thinking of temporary bed with a double function. Many different mechanisms to hide a bed in sofa’s design exist – pull out, rearrange pillows, modular dynamics and so on but usually in order for the bed to fit inside of a sofa there is a compromise with the thickness and quality of the mattress so long term sleeping arrangement will affect the quality of your night rest. Sofa bed solution is perfectly OK for sleepovers, guests and occasional incident sleep-in’s but not for a long period and not as the main bed.

green hide a bed sofa

Image credit: joybird.com

2. Chair Beds

hide a bed futon chair

Image credit: wayfair.co.uk

Here the idea is similar to the sofa-bed presence in the interior decor arrangement but with few more advantages – first the chair bed takes less space – a huge advantage if you are dealing with limited premises; is much more flexible to arrange around the interior composition and it offers the possibility of introducing more than one chair beds into your interior decor, accommodating more than one guest. The Romeo Futon char here offers simple and clear lined contemporary aesthetics suitable to a wide range of interior decor combinations. Another stylish silhouette in neutral white to fit contemporary decors.

futon chair bed

Image credit: wayfair.co.uk

convertible sleeper chair

Image credit: lovethesign.com

On today’s design scene there are a lot of creative, attractive and elegant designs for this choice. You can choose a discreet design that matches your living room decor or more distinct style to jazz up a neutral guest room – the possibilities are vast and offer some desirable solutions. You can even decide to brig one in your home not only as a practical choice but as an extra relaxation area or a reading lounge for the inhabitants of your home.

white fold out chair bed

Image credit: lovethesign.com

3. Murphy Bed Hidden into a Wardrobe

The so-called Murphy beds are fold down beds that can be vertically built into a wall, closed or other structure and are space-saving design units that offer a great variety of positions and additional knacks such as lighting, storage space, additional office structures and so on. One of the significant advantages of a Murphy bed unit is that it can offer a flexible usage of a full-size mattress engineered on a movable construction. Also, their Piston-lifts or torsion springs make modern Murphy beds easy to lower and raise. The quality of the sleep on this unit with full-size mattress is as in a standard bedroom, and it can be used daily without negatively affecting the sleep quality.

murphy bed white cupboard hidden living room

Image credit: Architecture Workshop

In this small apartment’s, interior decor designed by Architecture Workshop studio the master bedroom is located above the kitchen unit and is concealed behind a trendy, math glass structure. The guest bed is hidden in the simple lines of the white wardrobe, custom-made structure covering one of the walls. Behind its clear-lined design and minimalist lines, it stays invisible. When open a pure construct of sliding white panels can hide the kitchen zone and create a new space with more privacy. Very fresh and well-measured design composition.

king size vertical wall bed cabinet

Image credit: Architecture Workshop

4. A Murphy Bed Hiding Behind the TV Set

horizontal murphy bed behind tv set

Image credit: traumsofas.de

In this contemporary composition, the sideways mounted Murphy bed is hidden behind stylish and smart sliding construct hosting the entertainment set. The whole unit consists of a library shelving construct that can hide or unfold a bed structure behind a sliding media panel – a very dynamic and modern composition with multiple practical applications including a space divider.

space saving horizontal murphy bed living room furniture

Image credit: traumsofas.de

5. A Murphy Bed Free Standing Structure as a Part of the Living Room.

free standing horizontal hideaway murphy bed

Image credit: boone.be

The simplistic charm of the Murphy bed construct can be introduced as a free-standing and independent element of your living room design arrangement. This clear-lined and minimalist structure can be used as a decoration opportunity – just choose a color that will stand out in a harmonious and well-balanced way with the coloring of the walls and arrange some decorative objects on its mantle and that’s it – simple and elegant solutions are quite possible.

white hideaway murphy bed living room

Image credit: boone.be

6. Murphy Bed is Hidden Behind Movable Walls

The movable wall design knack is becoming more and more popular when it comes to contemporary design of studio apartments. Their dynamic implementations help designers to organize different functional zones in very stylish and flexible fashion. The only minus is that usually those zones defined by movable walls can’t be used simultaneously to their full extent – but small spaces always have one restriction or another. The next few modern design examples we selected for you show how a Murphy bed can be fit into the movable wall itself, as well as in the space behind it.

movable walls a solution for small homes

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com

In this project by PKMN Architectures the movable wall structures are three and the fold down bed is integrated into one of them. The three units of this innovative home design can move between the kitchen and bathroom premises depending on the needs of the inhabitants and can secure the practical needs of any open layout home.

space saving movable walls murphy bed

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com

murphy bed hidden behind movable wall

Image credit: mkca.com

The latest evolution of MKCA’s research on micro housing led to the creation of this motorized movable wall. The contemporary design of this small apartment features a sliding movable wall that hosts a media set and behind it – a bedroom like a premise hides a folding bed. When hidden the bedroom premise opens a space for a living room and home office functions – slide it out, and the bedroom space appears – truly innovative and dynamic decor composition.

folding wall bed hidden behind movable wall

Image credit: mkca.com

hideaway guest bed idea movable wall

Image credit: Architecture Workshop

The name of the next inventive and new generation design tech by Architecture Workshop is Pivot – which comes to show the rotation movement characteristic of this wall-wardrobe unit. The Murphy bed addition is fold-up behind the rotating wall, and when arranged it forms two small but cozy premises – the living room and the bedroom nudge. The designers had cleverly constructed an opening in the unit, which allows the fresh daylight to penetrate into the sleeping area.

hideaway guest bed ideas

Image credit: Architecture Workshop

7. Bed-Desk Combos

folding guest bed desk combo

Image credit: pinterest.com

The disappearing desk bed is a fresh example of how one can solve multiple space issues with one ingenious design. The light, multifunctional frame of the unit transforms from a bedroom into an office, the same space with ease and elegance. The unique designs of the furniture components – check this neatly folding chair with its futuristic shape – give a character and style to the functional assembly.

horizontal bed desk combo

Image credit: pinterest.com

hide away desk bed

Image credit: resourcefurniture.com

Another fresh and flexible design that introduces freedom into the decor arrangement of multifunctional premises. A fold-on mattress transforms from a bed into desk construct freeing space for daily activities.

fold up bed desk kids bedroom

Image credit: resourcefurniture.com

8. Utilizing the Volume Under Sloped or A-framed Roof

guest hideaway bed in the attic

Image credit: pinterest.com

Canted walls in the attic-like premises can become a solid obstacle in front of flexible design and utilization of space. But few ingenious furniture designs, creating fitting units can cleverly utilize the challenging space to its full potential.  This contemporary unit decided in fresh white and blue, introduces functional elegance with its simple retro-inspired and minimalist interface and clear lines that host a sliding-in mattress, mini-library and storage space.

attic hideaway beds idea

Image credit: true-plexat.nl

A smart furniture system in warm tonalities that can transform challenging to utilize space into an invitingly looking reading niche or bedroom premise, with an abundance of storage space and functional angles.

hideaway attic trundle beds

Image credit: true-plexat.nl

Want an art-atelier that can fulfill other functional needs if necessary? This furniture system utilizes the empty and not very useful space beneath the sloped ceiling very efficiently. The Plexat system offers not only multiple storage unites with a simple and elegant design but also a hidden bed compartment that makes unexpected guests a pleasure, not a bother.

9. Movable Daybed as a Part of the Living Room Furniture Arrangement

hiding the bed under the closed idea

Image credit: studiowok.com

In this fresh and playful decor composition, the designers from studio WOK had searched for inspiration in the clear presence of the light and trendy plywood. Composing tidy and functional structure, the designers add few ingenious insertions. Partially rolling the double sized bed in an opening in the lover part of the wardrobe, opens a space for the daily activates and also secures a comfortable sofa component for the pleasure of the inhabitants.

how to hide a guest bed idea

Image credit: studiowok.com

10. Bed Sliding Under the Working Place

sliding hideaway bed under the desk design idea

Image credit: ciao.archi

This project of CIAO has a dynamic and functional approach towards a small studio apartment’s design. The premises are utilized according to the lifestyle of the owner including a practical and comfortable working corner that hides a sliding second bed that can be used for guests. Plywood platform gives a slight elevation behind the half-height bookshelf and hosts the main bed.

spare bed under the desk idea

Image credit: ciao.archi

11. Elevating the Kitchen Zone and Hiding the Bed Underneath

pull out bed underneath kitchen platform

Image credit: Batiik Studio

Often the small studio apartments are located on the last floor or the attic and the problem with sloping ceiling or A -frame can occur. In this project of Batiik Studio the dirty, forgotten space was turned into cozy, elegant and inviting attic studio apartment. Intelligent design solutions deal with the restrained space beneath the windows – using wooden lattice panels, corresponding in style with the rest of the design. Here the architects created storage departments: bookshelf unit and nightstand functions from the otherwise unusable space. Small working corner under the sloped roof, a bed that can turn into a sofa or hides entirely behind the elevated kitchen bar are the other clever insertions in this cute Parisian apartment.

pull out hideaway bed kitchen

Image credit: Batiik Studio

12. Use the Guest Bed as a Part of the Dining Area

guest bed part of dining area

Image credit: antonmedvedev.com.ua

Here we have one fresh and unconventional design idea that is very practical and suitable for limited urban dwellings. Or even for houses it can be quite fitting and comfortable solution for occasional guests accommodation. The design of the innovative furniture unite includes stylish dining set – a simple and clear lined table with chairs – and the very comfy looking idea of sliding bed that can double up as a sofa. When need to be used, to accommodate guests overnight, the table folds into specially designed niche and the bed can be rolled out to its full size.

pull out bed dining area

Image credit: antonmedvedev.com.ua

 13. Hide the Bed in the Closed

how to hide a bed in a cupboard

Image credit: kitoko-studio.com

The project of Kitoko Studio for this Parisian chic apartment with Asian aesthetic inspirations is implementing the concept of The Swiss Army Knife in a playful and elegant fashion. All the furniture elements are folded and stored in this “large closet” including the cozy niche for the bed.  Simple and elegant, compact and multifunctional at the same time; the unit room composition takes only a small part of the apartment space and at the same time secures comfort and privacy for the sleeping arrangement.

hidden cupboard bed

Image credit: bobedre.dk

Here we have a bungalow setting – a simple and elegant closed construct with sliding doors and small window opening forming a cozy sleeping niche.

14. Use the Space Beneath the Stairs

bed under stairs idea

Image credit: pinterest.com

Repurposing the sloped space beneath the stairs one not only gains unusable ground but it can compose quite a cozy reading niche or even a guest bed. This custom made double bed platform not only fits snugly into the under stair alcove but also hosts additional storage space. Comfy and practical.

sleeping nook under stairs

Image credit: pinterest.com

Another inviting reading nook that utilizes the unconventional space beneath the stairs -this time thanks to the high ceiling, library-like book shelving is fitted additionally here. The under-stair area also works excellent for hideaway day beds (reading nooks) like this one.

15. Reading Nook in the Living Room

reading sleeping nook living room idea

Image credit: estliving.com

The idea to use a part of the living room layout to form a cozy reading nook area with inviting cushions arrangement and in an expressive design style that fits the rest of the interior composition is quite tempting. Especially since space can be used as a guest bed as well – just remove part of the cushions – and voila!

cozy reading sleeping nook idea

Image credit: estliving.com

16. Creating a Separate Construct for the Master Bedroom and Adding a Guest Bed on Top of It

guest bed on top of master bedroom

Image credit: sabo-project.com

Quite an ingenious and stylish idea for a studio apartment layout. The industrial feel of this loft project by SABO with its exposed concrete structures is jazzed up by the perforated aluminum island in its center, hosting not only the master bedroom but an additional guest bed on its top platform, accessible by stairs. In a way two premises in one – very stylish and space saving idea.

spare bed on top of master bedroom

Image credit: sabo-project.com

17. Rope Installation Helps to Elevate the Bed to the Ceiling and to Free Space for Daily Activities

hide a bed idea elevating the bed metal ropes

Image credit: Ashari Architects

This original, modern and minimalist composition for a small space carried out by architectural studio Ashari Architects present us with multiple clever, clear-lined and custom-made structures that secure the free flow of movement, including the unconventional bed arrangement. Using metal ropes and artistically looking industrial steering well the bed can be elevated to the ceiling and to free space for day activates and free movements. Stylish and ingenious the idea can be implemented in any contemporary decor composition that needs extra free space.

rope installation hide away bed small apartment

Image credit: Ashari Architects

18. Special Wall Mechanism that Elevates the Whole Bed Platform

wall mechanism that elevates the bed platform

Image credit: yo.co.uk

The unique design of studio Yo! Features modernistically lit bed platform that can be lifted by unique mechanism incorporated into the walls to reveal a day niche with cozy sofa arrangement. The unconventional approach to the space construct allows different functions to be accommodated without rearranging any furniture pieces, just by activating the lifting mechanism two premises shift places. The question; “what hides beneath the bed” gets a whole new spin.

wall mechanism that hides the bed

Image credit: yo.co.uk

elevated bed platform living room

Image credit: yo.co.uk

19. Hide the Bed Behind a Decorative Wooden Partition

hide the bed behind a decorative partition

Image credit: Glenn Medioni

In this artistic project by Glenn Medioni for a small (70 square meters) space the two bedrooms are separated from the main living premise by beautiful wooden lattice installation. The juxtaposition between the vertical wooden straps of the wall and the diagonal ones of the sliding door create artistic tension that escapes the usual boring solutions of conventional partitions and composes a space divider that is more of an art installation, than a functional knack. The beauty of the wooden lattice fits perfectly with the stylish decor arrangement of the living room space giving a dramatic backdrop to the modern furniture compositions.

hide the bed behind a wooden decorative partition

Image credit: Glenn Medioni

20. Behind a Mirrored or Frosted Glass Pocket Doors

bedroom behind frosted glass

Image credit: Hey!Cheese

The sliding, matt glass doors can be a perfect solution for a living room – bedroom separation approach. Framed in black metal with thin silhouette the frosted glass or mirrored partitions are very trendy and functional knack that creates sophisticated and stylish modern ambiance. The matted or mirrored glass gives enough privacy to the different functional zones without the heavy presence of conventional walls or partitions and creates fresh, modern feel for the decor.

bed behind frosted glass pocket doors

Image credit: Hey!Cheese

21. Bed Behind the Curtain

bed behind the curtain

Image credit: LifeEdited

Graham Hill and his company, LifeEdited are specialized in creating smart and elegant solutions for ultra-livable micro apartments. In this project by LifeEdited a fluid and multifunctional environment are achieved by the usage of versatile furniture pieces; like a modular sofa, expanding coffee table and extra Murphy bed compactly arranged into a wall unite. A stylishly rounded curtain installation slides to give privacy if needed or to reveal a small working corner when the bed is not in use.

working corner bed combo

Image credit: LifeEdited

22. A Room is Hidden Behind the Library Structure

room hidden behind the library structure

Image credit: Consuelo Jorge

The extra bedroom in this inspired project by Consuelo Jorge is hidden behind a stylish library structure that includes rotating shelves. The ingenious construct completely hides the extra room, so a little mystery is in order. Your guest will never know there until the magic words “Open Sesame” reveal it.

bedroom hidden behind the library

Image credit: Consuelo Jorge

room hidden behind the library