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Diesel Living at Milan Design Week


At Salone del Mobile 2018 Diesel Living amidst the color and concrete of a trip to Mexico, explore what it’s like to be a guest of Diesel. Have a seat at Diesel Living’s first bar concept, the gleaming Garage Bar, lined with slatted mirrors that, like the sun on the desert horizon, create mirages and impossible perspectives — but only once you’ve passed the Security Lodge, teeming with surveillance cameras and screens that have their unsettling eye on you.

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Escape to the Never-ending Lounge and recline on an implausibly long couch, or the Wunderkammer Library, designed for quiet workspaces, with its gilt collection of our prizes from the natural world, from flamingos and sharks to a giant buffalo skull. Explore the Infinite Kitchen, where a mirrored wall turns proportions unfathomable.

diesel living 2

In the hotel’s Soft Suite, an integrated bathroom is concealed behind a sliding linen curtain, with views overlooking the concrete garden and its riot of overgrown greenery, all glimpsed through sculptural walls that themselves become furniture with moon-like cutouts, textured finishes, and decorative metal grates inspired by the dwellings of Mexico.

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Fuorisalone 2018 — The Diesel Living Lifestyle is on view in a former goldsmith’s atelier at Via Correnti 14 in the historical 5Vie district. Transformed into a sprawling, welcoming home, here you can take a break from Salone in our living room, just past the shaped concrete architecture of the reception.

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Relax among the giant foliage growing in our greenhouse, lounge in our bedroom filled with a wealth of seating options, and have a wander through our open dining room and kitchen, where rusty-colored leather chairs surround the table. Brilliant hues light up the cement-lined interiors, sunny complements to a hard-edged vision from Mexico’s desert capital.

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