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Incipit at Milan Design Week


Incipit keeps on researching on color and warmth, a new kind of mood for an innovative way of interpreting design: here’s 2018 by Incipit, a Milanese brand which has made the Italian artisan tradition its trademark, rediscovering the taste of a Mediterranean know-how.

incipitlab product dama federica biasi 17

incipitlab product dama 4

Thanks to a more vibrant and more decorative design, Incipit keeps on developing its own identity linked to the Mediterranean culture, a common thread with last year exhibition «Contemporary Mediterranean» at Brera Design District during the design week. New precious stones are matched with the warm tones of metals such as copper, brass and black nickel.

incipitlab product dama sara magni 12

Incipit employs only natural materials worked with typically Italian artisan techniques, so to foster local characteristics, thanks to young designers’ fresh point of view; the products show how Incipit’s DNA is pervaded with this crossroad of cultural references from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Small details, color matches, material and shape combinations: everything contributes to give birth to masterful products.

incipitlab product dama 7

For the Milan Design Week Incipit has collaborated with Federica Biasi to create a limited edition of Dama, a set of stackable containers designed with Simone Bonanni and introduced at the Milan Design Week 2018. The location chosen to show the new collection could not be more prestigious: once again this year we renew our collaboration with La Rinascente, the historical Milanese design and fashion store, which has been hosting the company’s products in its Design Supermarket for the past few years.

incipitlab product dama 3

Dama Limited Edition, introduced as a preview at Maison&Objet in Paris last January, is now embellished with different precious marble stones, to stress the attention once more on the local Italian producers, thus enhancing the excellent quality of Made in Italy manufacturing. We collaborate with Apuana Corporate, a widespread factory of skilled craftsmen in the Carrara region who certifies the productive chain of each object. Once again the company is supporting local highly-skilled craftsmanship.

incipitlab product dama 5

With this project Incipits is testing a new approach more oriented to the research of materials and finishes and experimentation, to be developed as a side project to the current collection. A powerful signal of how Incipit has grown and matured over the past years, through constant research of materials and technologies: now it is presenting more sophisticated products, but staying faithful to its style of contemporary Italian design.

incipitlab product dama sara magni 8

Dama containers, designed by Federica Biasi and Simone Bonanni, are enriched by a limited series of noble finishes through the combination of precious marbles: next, to the classic white Carrara and ivory Travertine, we see the delicate Bardiglio Nuvolato with its blue tones and the very decorative green Guatemala, black Marquina and red Travertine. The square-section handle decorates with copper, brass and black nickel tones the pure forms of the stones. In single or double version, mono-material or with contrasting finishes, Dama becomes a precious case to hide and show jewelry or simply to decorate and make a corner of the house special. The Limited Edition keeps the hidden mirror, as a functional touch to a decorative piece.

incipitlab product dama sara magni 11

incipitlab product dama sara magni 14

incipitlab product dama sara magni 15

incipitlab product dama sara magni 9