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Frames Collection Designed by Jaime Hayon for Expormim


Frames collection was introduced to society on the occasion of the International Furniture Fair of Milan in 2014 and captured from the very beginning the attention of both media and public. After four years of development work, Expormim increases the collection with a new chair and a new dining armchair, conceptualized for small and coquettish spaces, along with a low armchair. These new pieces will be presented at the next International Furniture Fair of Milan in April 2018. Thanks to its charm – a mélange of rusticity and restrained elegance – and to its plain but sophisticated aesthetics the collection is poised to become a contemporary classic.

jaime hayon frames chairs 6

Tradition and innovation melt into a new approach making outdoor furniture become a hybrid which penetrates and blends perfectly into indoor spaces. Frames write a new chapter of an old story: that ancient tale of craftsmanship and tradition, but within a new framework which deals with the material from the cheerful and insouciant perspective Jaime Hayon embodies so convincingly.

jaime hayon frames chairs 1

jaime hayon frames chairs 2

jaime hayon frames chairs 5

jaime hayon frames chairs 4

jaime hayon frames chairs 3