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Vipp Loft Hotel


Elegant purity and innovative approach towards showcasing one’s work – those decor compositions come to inspire a new generation of hotel hospitality. Loft with a stylish concept – this is the new project of the renowned Danish company Vipp and David Thulstrup studio.

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 We have previously presented to you their trendy project for kitchen and appliances, but they are also well known for their elegant and contemporary design of various household items. Now, boldly, they have extended their activities to the hotel industry: offering their guests the opportunity to stay in a modular micro-house in the Swedish forest or the loft located above the company’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The apartment in the historical building, on the other hand, entwines the light purity of the wooden structures and cladding with the dark accents of the trendy furniture designed by Vipp. Exposed wood beams and structure (together with some tribal inspired pieces of furniture) give a natural textural context to the smooth surfaces and clear lines of the contemporary, Scandinavian style decor. The monochrome color palette that combines light wooden accents, gray and beige hues laid between the white and black details of the interior arrangement, creates a pure and serene ambiance.

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Metal accents give a focal anchor to the decor: a spiral, perforated steel staircase in the main living premise, modernistic metal cube as a table, sculptures and lighting solutions in silver metal shine or the unique design metal chair in the bedroom -are all intriguing design accents introducing specific character to the composition. The signature kitchen island and appliances – characteristic with their pure lines and elegant emanation for the company’s style- are decided in trendy dark color and become a focal accent to the open floor plan of the main living space.

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The modular hose in the forest is decided in trendy dark colors blending the purity of the contemporary furnishing with the minimalist structure itself and creating a warm and elegant ambiance to shelter you amongst the majestic Nature.

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