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Aërias Chair and Lounge Chair Designed by Tilla Goldberg for ClassiCon


Aërias surprises with formal conciseness, lightness and innovative weaving: the familiar pattern of the Vienna wickerwork is reinterpreted with a changed scale and leather as a material. Just as the look of a type font varies depending on its size, the traditional weaving used for Aërias also gains character due to the multiple enlargements of the pattern.

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The high sitting comfort results from the leather straps stretched on a wooden frame. Similar to the leather stretched on a drum, the result is flexing minimal surfaces absorbing the movements of the body and making sitting and leaning back exceptionally comfortable. High-quality craftsmanship skills are required for executing the traditional weaving technique in this format with leather straps. The graphic appearance of the pattern is enhanced by the optional use of leather in two different colors.

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Aërias is an adaptable companion in private or public spaces. It is also suitable as an attractive stand-alone piece, with its leather weaving casting exciting shadows on its environment.

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