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FU-GE Design Incorporat Asian-Inspired Style Into Modern Apartment


The eclectic luxury created by  FUGE Design in their project № 362 – the designers do tend to name their project whit numbers (another project of theirs we have presented to you the № 205 that features artistic and unique decor inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama) is expressively combining Asian simplicity of decoration, inclination towards pure and simple lines whit lush luxury and exquisite materials palate.

fu ge design apartment 13

fu ge design apartment 9

The luxurious marble structures: the first one greeting us in the hallway whit its artistic and stylish statement and sculptural presence – the partial walls clad in marble and shining frames serve a dual purpose, as space dividers and as a decorative element adding luxurious charm to the interior. Entwining the marble structures whit shining gold frames and brass elements, rich velvet textiles and sliding linen screens the designers compose a diverse, expressive and luxurious materials palette.

fu ge design apartment 12

fu ge design apartment 11

fu ge design apartment 8

Throughout the apartment muted pastel tonalities (applied on walls, custom-made structures, and closets) are entwined with vivid deep blue, sober grays and accentuated by shining metal details. The main living premise has this warm and expressive color combination that includes the deep blue of the carpet and pillows in juxtaposition to the shining whiteness and golden sparkle of the marble wall and its frame – all balanced by the light mint of the walls and sofa coloring.

fu ge design apartment 4

fu ge design apartment 5

fu ge design apartment 6

fu ge design apartment 7

The kitchen zone includes an open view toward the dining area and one of the bedrooms. Marble kitchen island gives a focal point to the modern and clear-lined structures composing this premise. The dining table features an eclectic combination of chairs, modern design lamps, and table silhouette. Intriguing design touch is the sliding linen screens that open or close the flow towards the living zone and respectively hide or uncover the clear-lined custom made shelving on the wall.

fu ge design apartment 3

fu ge design apartment 2

fu ge design apartment 1

An abundance of textural components, simple lighting installations, bold color accents and of course the signature touches of marble and brass throughout the apartment compose modern, dynamic and vibrant ambiance.

fu ge design apartment 19

fu ge design apartment 18

fu ge design apartment 17

fu ge design apartment 16

fu ge design apartment 15

fu ge design apartment 14