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Apartment with Mild Pastel Colors and Trendy Decor


In the last years, we observe increase number of very trendy, stylish and creative interior decor projects coming from countries like Lithuania, Ukraine, and Czech Republic together with the traditionally strong projects from places like Italy, Spain, the Scandinavian countries. The urban dynamic and lifestyle offer infinite possibilities for designers to toy with space-limited and simple city apartments.

interdio 17

interdio 13

The Lithuanian studio Interdio is one we have previously presented to you with the soft pastels of their feminine and delicate interior composition in Vilnius. Their new project of a small apartment caries, as the designer says, the taste of a simple coffee-cake. Minimalist but yummy, whit all necessary features for complying life, sustained in elegant, soft and clear lined composition.

interdio 15

interdio 3

The apartment has an open-floor layout connecting kitchen, dining and living zones and an intriguing half – a wall that shelters the bedroom area. Sliding doors composed whit the trendy metal-glass combination open or secure privacy to the sleeping quarters. Smooth surfaces, tidy cabinets and build in closets, clear lined structures and warm but pure wooden cladding and parquets create a soft and serene ambiance.

interdio 16

interdio 5

Tactile dynamic and juxtaposition is offered by the velvet textiles upholstering pillows, chairs, bed-head and of course the modern coach in the living room. Its spring inspired moss coloring and rich tactile expression offer a warm accent to the otherwise monochrome color composition. The bathroom design is also continuing the central theme of the design: smooth surfaces in natural tonalities, rectangular and clear-lined expression of the design shape and modern functionality.

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