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Minimalist Design Concept For Comfort and Functionality in Home


The intelligent, well measured and elegant interior decor composition characteristic for the projects of the Lithuanian design studio Toota is present in their new project: a small apartment in the Оld Тown of Vilnius, Lithuania. The designers aimed to purify, straighten, smooth out and cover everything – creating a clean space with light contemporary functionality.

toota small apartment vilnius 15

toota small apartment vilnius 3

Using contrasting materials palette – concrete and wood, black and white surfaces in untypical roles: concrete as flooring, LMDP board ( a material which reminisced wood in cheaper and more durable version) for custom made constructs and hidden compartments; the designers composed pure and clear lined ambiance that visually and functionally extends the usable space in this small apartment.

toota small apartment vilnius 2

The custom-made structures and bespoke furniture utilizes the challenging space distribution with artistic elegance- this is especially visible in the kitchen zone and the bedroom’s arrangement. The bedroom was two small for a double size bed so moving the storage compartments underneath it and leaving the white walls clean was a smart and creative space distribution.

toota small apartment vilnius 5

The living premise is a simple rectangular volume with build in dynamic structures: the elegant wooden stairs that lead to the window and balcony and give a dynamic expression to the layout, or the beautiful kitchen arrangement combining smooth black surfaces and suspended wooden box-like structures hosting the appliances are another unique and creative signature touch for the designers. The living room zone hosts a large and trendy sofa in muted yellow that invites and gives bright and modern accent to the backdrop entwinement of concrete and wood, cladding and textures. The color palette is kept monochrome and minimal – gray and white, back and wood whit the occasional color accent in smooth pastel.

toota small apartment vilnius 1

The designers had paid particular attention to the lighting scheme of the apartment using hidden LED installations and stylish design lamps, alike. Minimalist shapes and thin lines characterize not only the modern lights but also the furniture and structures’ silhouettes. The characteristic for the designers’ elegance and purity of shapes and textures creates a calm and inviting ambiance.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas

toota small apartment vilnius 7

toota small apartment vilnius 4

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