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Bathroom Trends 2019 / 2020 – Designs, Colors and Tile Ideas


What are the current trends in bathroom design? Are there any specifics? Like any other part of the home, the bathrooms are sensitive towards fashion and design trends. It’s just that the novelties there are slower to come and more carefully considered because the investments in bathroom redecoration are more substantial and need an excellent thought-true. When reconstruction of space is done not so regularly, more like in 15 – 20 years, one puts a lot of thought and care when approaching that task.

popular color bathroom design

Image credit: TOL’KO interiors

Often the concept of the bathroom design is linked to the whole living space design arrangement, and its style is determined by the full visual idea. There is also a variety in the bathroom design trends when it comes to the minimalist bathroom’s design for small urban dwellings and the luxurious large houses with bathtubs, jacuzzi and large walk in showers.

popular bathroom color pink and black

Image credit: Crosby Studios

Modern Bathroom Designs

Despite the variety on the subject one thing is sure the big names on international design scene are working on bathroom collections, inventing and collaborating with manufactures for creating a wide variety of shower and bathroom appliances. Which comes to show the importance of the subject – the trends in bathroom design are strong and influenced by global developments as any other aspect of interior design tendencies.

modern bathroom design trends

Here is what Werner Aisslinger has to say: “Housing is becoming more hybrid. Private residences are moving more or less towards a studio loft design. Having separate spaces with very distinct functions is no longer viable. Functions overlap. We combine work and personal life. Everything is merging, and it’s affecting both the residential and hospitality scenes. It’s a collage world.”

trendy bright bathroom design

Compact Living

One of the most significant questions in front of designers today is how to accommodate small-scale living without compromising luxury and style? The unprecedented increase in urbanization in the world and the limitations in housing impose the question and offer intriguing creative possibilities.

modern style small bathroom ideas

The Danish furniture design studio Norm Architects offer a stylish modular system of consoles and furniture, along with an elegant daybed and a pouf, suitable for the bathroom and other premises of the home called Frame & Rest. Inspired by mid-century industrial interiors and embodying the Nordic attitude towards simplicity and elegance in combination with creative Italian craftsmanship this collection successfully satisfies the market search for versatile bathroom furniture.

modern small bathroom minimalist design

Image credit: Jannis Ellenberger


This inspired project by Kengo Kuma, naturally draws it inspiration from the notoriously fine Japanese woodworking and the exquisite handicrafts to create a private oasis from the bathroom premise. Wood replaces the cold ceramics, and the smart merger between bathroom and bedroom creates warm and comfortable atmosphere. The wooden panels that radiate from wall to ceiling create a unique expression for the clean, modern design.

wooden trendy bathroom design

Lately, we observe on the international design scene an increase introduction of technologies in the bathroom’s designs – not only the high-tech Japanese toilets or the occasional wall-mounted phone and TV screen in hotel bathrooms, but the implementation of new technologies, materials, and approaches for the creation of innovative and expressive bathroom decor.

modern bathroom wood design

Simplified shapes and an abundance of wood as a material provide an optical rest and serine emanation for the open bathroom concept. The idea of introducing the bathroom design amongst the rest of the home arrangement (no longer hidden it in the darkest corner) is very trendy and provides multiple creative solutions and examples.

modern bathroom design marble wood

In this exquisite creation of Alfredo Häberli, the marble gives a dramatic contrast to the dominating wood, and the entwinement of the two materials creates clean and elegant decor composition. The layers of differences, not only visual but also tactile and sensual offer an experience that enriches the bathroom’s decor purpose. Combining oak parquet and flush-mounted oak sliding doors with the gray and beige strikes in the cream white marble the designer achieved elegant and serene expression.

modern bathroom shower design

And speaking of marble – the beauty of the freestanding tub is back with a flourish. Gracing the bathrooms design as a freestanding ornament the bathtub is no longer only a functional element. It has its trendy statement – carrying the clear, elegant lines of the Nordic style, or offering contemporary dynamic spotty presence the marble bathtub is not the only luxury is and artistic statement.

modern bathroom design marble black fixture

The exquisite Boffi monolith washbasin by Piero Lissoni grasses the elegant interior decor of this loft-like space in Milan, carved from Emberador marble.

modern bathroom design dark marble

Rafael de Cárdenas created this fantastic bathroom premise entwining the flowing, elegant S curves with the expressive monolithic presence of Dornbracht’s Vaia.

latest modern bathroom design

Combining the brick structure that reminiscent a secret chambers passages with a transparent cupola that allows the entry of natural light, literally opening up the architecture to the recurring rhythm of day and night, the designers created a rich and trendy experience for the bathroom space. The juxtaposition between the rich tactile expression of the curved brick structures and the straight lines of the monolithic Vaia fittings in Dark Platinum Matt is a very capturing design touch.

When researching and exploring the trends in color for bathroom design, we must note that the color palette choice is not separate from the color selection for the rest of the homes design and very often it is an essential part of the whole concept for the home’s decor. So which are the trendy colors when it comes to bathroom design?

small bathroom trends 2020

The retraction of the millennial pink from the hot design scene is affecting and decreasing the usage of copper and other pink shades and the rise of the earth tonalities – beige and blond, forest green and ash charcoals. It is not like the copper will disappear entirely from the trendy design details, but we observe stronger preferences towards brass, black and white metals instead.

small bathroom trends inbani
The bicolor combinations are also coming keen on the bathroom design scene – white on the inside, colored on the outside or a combination of entirely black basins and toilets with eye-catching shades on the ceramics around.

inbani bowl collection

The delicate pink tonality of the inbani – Bowl collection is giving elegant and soft atmosphere for the bathroom arrangement where a fine contour line is drawn around the objects. Inspired by the harmony and contrasting dialog between forms, volumes, and materials the collection evokes purity and airy feel for the thin metal pieces and the exquisite marble details.

modern bathroom colors 9

Here we have an emphasis on the terrazzo effect given by the tile composition by Casa dolce casa – Casamood. Clear shapes and dynamic modern arrangement can be achieved by the usage of tiles in different textures and shades.

bathroom interior design trends terrazzo

This tile collection, stylishly located halfway between Venetian flooring and Sottsass’s Memphis Style patterns in the Milan of the 1980s, is offering a light contemporary expression of past-inspired materials and forms.

bathroom interior design trends 2019

Another material inspiring a trendy color and textural expression is the concrete it has rendered Marazzi to create the Powder collection of porcelain stoneware. A beautiful contemporary expression of an urban concert, in its soft form, that thanks to the full versatility of sizes and shapes: hexagons and mosaics, or in herringbone pattern gives a new, dynamic expression to the bathroom in a trendy gray hue.

trendy bathroom ceramic colors

In a rich cluster of sixteen color variations of earthly tonalities the Infinito by Ceramica Cielo is presenting us with expressive contemporary shower tray solution. The rectangular ceramics offer elegant style, an extraordinary possibility of customization and stylish application of sophisticated technologies in a rich variation of trendy colors.

popular bathroom ceramic colours 1

Another bathroom appliance by Ceramica Globo in inspired and contemporary color selection – the colored washbasins whit elegant shapes. The designers had studied a palette of beautiful new colors not typically seen in bathrooms mainly warm autumn shades of brown, yellow and white with a hint of grey and then developed a new matte glazing technique to create this exquisite collection.

small bathroom trends furniture

The designers A. Parisio, G. Pezzano, had composed this elegant, contemporary and innovative washbasin Narciso, that offers a clear lined expression of innovative product – the framework is made of steel and available in matt black or brushed bronze.

bathroom interior design trends green color

Swedish designer Fredrik Wallner has created more customizable bathroom furniture in dark expressive colors for the Stockholm brand Swoon. Using trendy shades including the new Seaweed Green, Saddle Brown and Seal Grey the designer composed expressive and unique bathroom ambiances. Ceramic lay-on washbasins with intriguing yet simple shapes offer color accents for you bathroom composition.

modern bathroom colors dark palette

In this creation of Swoon, we observe not only the modern dark expression of deep blue but also the trendy hexagonal shapes of the tiles that together compose expressive and artistic bathroom.

modern bathroom colors marsala

Image credit: Home Design

What can we say about the trends in tile ceramics? Well, apart from the fact that all the great names in interior design seem to be creating their collection of ceramic art, there are a few visible tendencies in the bathroom tile selection.

latest bathroom tile trends rhomboid patterns

First, the graphic patterns and 3D expressions of the tiles are becoming light, with delicate contours, keep delicate and in the same colors and the main tile body. There is also a visible play of shapes, prints and geometric forms and between matt and glaze surfaces. The Bouroullec brothers, for example, created an impressive game with 3D volumes, triangular shapes and contrasted between the main surface and the gaps filling. As for colors Denim blue and mutter earthly tonalities seem to be hot and trendy in these new collections.

current bathroom tile trends 12

That is Rombini creation by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Mutina. Composing 3D diamond, rhombus and triangularly shaped ceramics the designers offer a play between the wall and floor tile composition; wall tiles align with the pattern of the floor tiles creating an architect’s dream combination. Using specially selected and trendy colors, geometrics, and patterns, these tiles can instantly make any space sophisticated and artistic.

latest bathroom tile color trends

The Mutina company in collaboration with designer Konstantin Grcic created an innovative and inspired collection called Numi. Here we can observe quite clearly the play of partially glazed geometric forms in muted colors selection. The smaller Numi ceramic tiles are characterized by a muted pattern on a smooth finish. When arranged in the premises the pattern magnifies the architectural space and emphasizes the light and shadow circulation.

latest bathroom tile trends

The six dusty shades create a light three-dimensional effect, which brings a fluxional and linear movement. The geometry of the shapes carved in alternating matt or glass surfaces gives a dynamic expression for this trendy collection.

bathr tiles design 2019

modern bathroom tile trends

Raw Edges had worked on the new series of ceramics creating interesting eight patterns in a standard size square for the TAPE collection.

latest bath tile trends

The tape begins with standard black and white base tiles that feature eight patterns in five different shades. The small, colorful patterns lay on top of the raw tiles is at first hard to decipher until you get closer. Tape can be used indoors and out, and for both floors and walls, with an endless array of possible combinations.

latest bathroom tile trends 2020

Cava collection by LucidiPevere for Living Ceramics – present us with clean, contemporary tiles engraved in decorative mathematical sequences. Expressive and pure aesthetics, strong and deep colors, a juxtaposition between the tile and the fugue, entwining of functionality and artistic expression creates a beautiful and engaging surface compositions.

2019 bathroom tile trends

Beyond just functional, in the sense that this tiles composition offers an easily cleaned surface for walls and floors, the patterns that can be created between the color and geometrics variety of the collection take on a modern artistic element you don’t see with most tile collections these days.

denim color bathroom ceramic tile

This project of Doherty Design Studio, in rural Victoria, is inspired by the Japanese-style washroom and features clear aesthetics and hot-trendy color and tile compositions. The fashionable Denim Blue is combined in duo entwinement whit lighter color and creates magnificently elegant ambiance whit a dynamic modern twist.

contemporary bathroom tiles and colors

Modern Bathtub Designs

As we have mentioned earlier, the freestanding tub is very hot and trendy in the international design scene lately. It’s creative forms vary from traditionally inspired to imaginatively modern, the textures, materials, and expressions of this bathroom piece are rich and diverse. It is interesting to fallow what creations are composed of renowned and creative designers from all around the word – so we will explore them in detail. But one thing is sure the bathtub is no longer just a functional addition is an expressive ornament, integral piece of modern bathroom design that invites pleasure and aesthetical delight.

bath design trends freestanding tub marble

There are many manufacturers and designers, in the last years, which also like to introduce the bathroom design into the bedroom premises – uniting or separating without visual borders the two premises; creating in this way privet oasis for relaxation, health, and pleasure and an artistic bathtub creates a strong visual accent in such a unique premise arrangement.

bathroom design trends round bathtub ethno style 1

We observe that in the international design scene there are strong tendencies in bathtub design, which lead to a significant diversity of models – the bathtubs are no longer only available in pure white tones, they can be colorful or with a two-tone finish, or darker shades and in all kinds of organic-uterine, rounded or rectangular shapes.

bathroom design trends round bathtub ethno style

The designer of this craftsmanship creation Seung-Yong Song entwined the strong bonds of the eastern culture into the pure expression of Origin. The bright lines of the washbasins silhouette, the sculptured like ceramics entwined with rural wooden elements, the attention towards the detail and the precision of the craftsmanship make these bathroom elements pieces of art, which introduce the Asian stylistic and traditions in contemporary form.

bathroom design tub iron

Inspired by the era and featuring elegant cast iron details, typical for the 1920s and 1930s interiors, (which stylistically characterized the Victorian era and the subsequent Art Nouveau and Art Deco decades) Stand by Norm Architects is an intriguing addition to any bathroom decor. The bathtub interprets in clear stylistic form the classic lion-shaped feet tub. The washbasin, on its merit, is reminiscent of plant-pots used at the time in winter gardens, only in simpler lines composition. Offering elegant entwinement of pure shapes and expressive materials this collection is for the lovers of bohemian style and sophisticated interpretations of the past.

latest bathroom trends bathtub metal details

The Stand are manufactured using the innovative Living Tech material, whose hi-tech features ensure it fits in perfectly with contemporary decors or elegant black metal structures that give a sense of lightness to the entire collection.

bathroom design trends freestanding tub

Experimenting with shapes and colors the German designer Sebastian Herkner created his first bathroom collection – the Plateau. A sidetracking plateau (which gives the name of the collection and it’s the stylistic leitmotif for all its versatile elements) is introducing not only stylish signature element but is also offering specific functionality and contemporary comfort to the pieces.

round bathtub bathroom design trends

Hammam is the Rexa new collection designed by Monica Graffeo space inspired by the Japanese bathrooms, where the functional aspects have a deeper aesthetical meaning. Warm colors that reminiscent earth, desert, and nature entwine with rich tactile materials and the clear-lined aesthetics of the elements composing the collection- bathtubs, washbasins, wall and floor paneling, wardrobes, and shower trays in Corian. Inspired contemporary oasis of well-being and pure lines.

bathroom design trends round bathtub

Solid surfaces and stainless steel, inspiration drawn from the natural beauty of wood and simplistic contemporary appeal this is the Blondecrazy Bathtub by Blu Bleu. The freestanding oval bathtub features elegant entwinement of white ceramics and matt painted wood in pure lines and simplistic contemporary expression.

bathroom design trends 2019

“The ultimate luxury”- that is how its designers describe it, the Bette Lux Oval Couture features a most refined version of elegant bathtub and washbasin elements. Enveloped in pure white, water-resistant fabric the pieces of this stylish design collection possess the simple, standalone architecture of contemporary art piece.

bathroom design trends water resistant fabric tub

An elegant variety of restrained, nature-inspired colors and minimalism of shapes and materials makes this contemporary collection suitable for wide range of interior decor.

modern bathtub designs

Another elegant and simplistic creation of Bette is a new Bette Loft Ornament series is featuring a 3D geometric pattern. The straight lines of the inner well are echoed in the geometric ornaments of the outside decor, which cleverly demonstrates the flexible adaptability of the unique material a glazed titanium steel. The fascinating play between light and shadow gives these luxurious bath elements an outstanding luminosity and sculptural elegance.

bathroom design trends rectangular freestanding bathtub

Matte Black Bathroom Fixtures Are on Trend

The signature monolith presence of Vaia for Dornbracht introduces the hot new trend – matte black bathroom fixtures with a dash. The eclectic style inspiration for this collection is giving bout elegant and progressive feature to any bathroom decor – the dark stylistic can be applied in classic designs or innovative combinations it will always provide an expressive statement.

2019 bathroom fixtures design

The new dark platinum matte finish gives this contemporary creation of Vaia a unique textural presence – smooth, warm and elegant, the dark liquidity of the bright lines is not only trendy, but it also carries expressive character and strong sculptural architecture.

matte black bathroom fixtures are on trend

Playing with Contrasts

The designer and architect of this Vaia collection by Rafael de Cárdenas was inspired to create a dynamic play of contrast. Combining the simple geometrical shapes with rich tactile elements, the rectangular monolith of the base with the round arch of the pipes. Even the design set of the bathroom collection offers juxtaposition between the undulated shapes of the rough brick construct and the smooth surface of the bathroom elements. This intriguing dialog can be wonderfully rendered in any contemporary setting.

dark bathroom fixtures are on trend

The trendy bathroom architecture devised by Monica Graffeo also offers dynamic dialog, elegant juxtaposition and sensual interplay of light and shadow. And of course, features the minimal matt black metal. The bathroom decor composed by the designers offers a combination between the pure materiality of brick and the contemporary bright lines of the bathroom fixtures. Dark, satin-finish faucets in matte dark platinum and the smooth surface of the washstand entwine in elegant composition.

matte metal bathroom fixtures

The bathroom collection offers a rich, yet carefully selected a variety of materials such as trendy matte dark platinum supplemented by acrylic stone, tinted glass, marble, bog oak, cognac leather and a violet fitted carpets – all entwining in one exquisite and elegant bathroom selection.

matte black bathroom fixtures are on trend 9

And now, for a conclusion, we will share with you some examples of bathroom decors that could have been great if not of some minor mistakes easy to avoid if you plan informedly. First, which colors and patterns of bathroom tiles are best to avoid.

bathroom trends avoid copper emerald tiles

As the millennial pink is losing its position on the design scene, so it’s the metal that goes in harmony whit it. We advise you not to invest in copper accessories for your bathroom – this trend is replaced in the modern deicing scene by darker metals and innovative solutions.

bathroom trends to avoid copper

The hexagonal tiles,  yes they are still trendy, and some great examples for bathroom decors with this tile shape can be found. But they are also tricky and demanding – if you choose a complicated form a simple color is a “must”! In this example, we have too many graphic patterns, and various colors mixed chaotically this is close to a patchwork trend, and we advise you to avoid it if not a master in it.

bathroom trends avoid hexagonal tile

Another type of tile decoration that has lost its grip on the fashion scene is the imitation wood tile – most designers avoid using them in their compositions and bathroom collections.

bathroom trends avoid wood imitation tile

One should be very careful, also, when working with subway tiles – they may have almost an iconic status, but the work with them should be very precise and not suitable for every premise.

bathroom trends avoid classic classic subway tile

Here we have a great example of “overdoing it” – this decor composition although apparently inspired by the classic and bohemian style and using beautiful and trendy elements – the exquisite Marrakesh tile collection, the classic subway geometry of the white tiles and the glitter of the yellow metal is creating overexposure. The contrasting fugues do not help! Too many elements, graphic expressions, and contradictions. Take it easy, less sparkle and softer expressions and combinations are advisable.

bathroom trends avoid marrakesh porcelain ceramic tiles

Here the beautiful tile collection of the Swedish studio Claesson Koivisto Rune is overused! Please search for balance and elegant measure when decorating your bathroom – covering the floor, walls and even ceiling with graphically expressive tiles can become claustrophobic!

bathroom trends avoid bohemian style

bathroom trends avoid too much tiles