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Hong Kong Apartment with an Asian-Inspired Interior


This cute contemporary jewel in Hong Kong has that rarely met harmonious balance between exquisite Asian stylistics and modern dynamic. The warmth exuded by the caramel colored wooden structures, cladding, and furniture is the organic touch from the natural characteristic of ancient and contemporary Eastern design. Layers of altitude amongst the vertical architectural layout give a dynamic read to another traditional concept translated into to the modern- life design composition.

dottitude design 3

dottitude design 4

dottitude design 5

dottitude design 6
Thin shapes and pure lines compose the premises; touches of Asian stylistics and intriguingly cozy functionalism alongside modern technology introduce a dynamic and simultaneously calm material expression to the design composition. The architect from Dottitude Design striped the whole existing structure to its base to compose this free-flowing design arrangement.

dottitude design 2

dottitude design 11

The open floor plan of the architectural arrangement gives free and clean expression to the welcoming design. The entwinement of straight black metal accents (spread throughout the decor) whit oblong shapes, laid on the organic base of warm wood, playful textures, and elegant lines have a harmonious and inviting final spin. Even the decorative pano (which carries that minimalist, organic touch of the Asian stylistics) accentuates and strengthens the thin lined ornamentation of the decor.

dottitude design 7

dottitude design 1

From the wooden stripes on cladding to the thin metal base of the oblong tea- ceremony table”, to the windows shutters the “stripe” element is present throughout the decor. There is a slight aesthetical and physical border between the Asian inspired living room premise and the elegant, trendy expression of the kitchen – dining corner. Purity prevails here as well. The stylish black elements and structures continue throughout the whole apartment design composition. In the bedroom functional, trendy and yet minimal walk-in closed gives the modern life dynamics touch.

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