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Ventura Estudio Creates Elegant Showroom-Home in a Historic Building


Located in a historic building from the XIX century in Madrid, Spain this contemporary interior decor  is created by Ventura Estudio. The project of the apartments design is called VenturaLab because its concept is meant to present an actual manifesto of the designer’s aesthetic vision.

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The apartment stylistic concept is based on the balance of contrasts – the existing architectural elements still retain their classic appeal, but at the same time, the imaginative modern design offers clean lines and minimalist solutions with inspiration drawn from retro classics.

ventura lab madrid 14

Entwinement of black and white softened by accents of bronze, leather, and wood composes the spine of the interior composition. The trendy black accents and decor details (furniture, lamps, graphic patterns) in the living room and kitchen premises stabilize the decor: give it visual anchor and substance to the thin-legged furniture elements, the lightness of the white base and the thin detail threads of the design composition.

ventura lab madrid 18

The living room offers a composition of rich textural variety – the robust square shapes of the vintage-inspired, wooden furniture piece is juxtaposed to the softness of the brown leather and the pure wood colors. The gorgeous wooden floors (arranged in a classic herringbone pattern) alternate with romance hinting tile compositions.

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In the kitchen, the juxtaposition of white and black has a minimalist and contemporary expression arranging the bright line shapes of the functional elements in elegant an simplistic decor expression. Rich vintage details like the frames of the portrait in the living room and the mirror in the hallway give a golden sparkle that supplements the bronze details of the trendy lamp’s design.

ventura lab madrid 11

The bathroom also offers a beautiful entwinement of black and white this time whit a stylish base of a 3D graphic pattern of the tile floors, supplemented by elegant washbasin laid on a thin metal frame and the vintage hint inspiration represented by the classic beauty of the freestanding, “lion-legged” bathtub.  Photography by Juan Baraja

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