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Compact Mezzanine Apartment with Spiral Staircase


When a young man decided to get married that was a good call to renovate and even reimagine his home. The designers from Fattstudio undertook the task of creating light, elegant and contemporary home from this mezzanine premise in Bangkok, Thailand.

fattstudio mezzanine apartment 7

They aimed not only to create a feeling of spaciousness and ease but also to secure a fluidity of space that provides simultaneously privacy and connectives for the new family needs. Entwinement of organic materials palate (just look at that gorgeous wooden beam ceiling or the smooth, clean feel of the floors) and trendy, contemporary materials provides youthful and light atmosphere. Strong focal-point accents – like the spiral staircase, the sliding metal-glass mesh doors, the unusual hexagonal shape of one of the space crones and even the minimalist graffiti art on the mezzanine floor give the unique and artistic character of this home.

fattstudio mezzanine apartment 1

On the first floor the designers secured a free flow of natural light it is penetrating through the vast panoramic window of the simplistically designed bedroom, passing through the trendy space divider made from black metal frames and clear glass and entering the main living premises and then, for good measure, bouncing back from the shining white surface of the subway tile clad wall. This wall introduces very trendy and urban design touch to the simplistic decor arrangement. Slight color variations in random pattern give an interesting light play to the tile-wall composition. The main focal point of the premises nonetheless remains the DNA spiral staircase leading to the mezzanine premise. Light, elegant entwinement of wood and metal spine gives the whole decor composition certain airiness and ease of expression.

fattstudio mezzanine apartment 16

The mezzanine space main feature – apart from the expressive half hexagonal architectural construct – is its minimalist whiteness combined whit the warm wooden touch of the floor and the stairs and of course the youthful art pieces waiting to be hanged on the wall and straightening the modern minimalist expression of the design. Custom made wardrobes and storage spaces provide elegant functionality in the bedroom premise, and volcanic gray stone wall gives rich textural expression to it. An as a conclusion we find the retro touch of the old refrigerator supplemented to the shining surface of the subway tiles quite refreshing.  Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan

fattstudio mezzanine apartment 9

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