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GAN Make Your Living Room More Livable


One of the most important rooms in a home is the living room, space where we spend most of our time, where we entertain, where we are entertained and where we often dine. Regarding contemporary trends, the most common approach is to be eclectic, combining pieces of different styles, adding accessories and decor to create a warm ambiance where we can feature the stories of our travels, our family, and friends.

atelier ligia casanova gan rug 6

Atelier Lígia Casanova designed the interiors of a duplex apartment in Lisbon, an excellent representation of this eclectic style. A two-story shelving and storage unit, with its sliding ladder, frames the double height living room. A blue Rodas rug and Silaï in grey are placed in the center of the space; its calming colors integrates with the walls while the Portuguese sunshine floods into space through the balcony’s doors.

atelier ligia casanova gan rug 7

atelier ligia casanova gan rug 8

The Mediterranean light is amplified with the inclusion of Canevas and Knotwork in this home in Israel, a house, and garden designed by Levy Chamizer Architects, in a town near Tel Aviv. The boundaries between outdoor and indoor areas fade with the addition of a flowered Canevas rug by Charlotte Lancelot. The abstract floral pattern recalls the vegetation that surrounds the whole house. The Aram tables, designed by Nendo for GAN, pick up on the color tones and continue to blur the indoor/outdoor boundary.

living in yellow atelier ligia casanova 14

living in yellow atelier ligia casanova 12

The “Living in Yellow” project, again by Atelier Lígia Casanova, is accommodated within a historical building. Its living room features four glazed door-height openings to the street, within a generous space that is defined by wooden floors and designer furniture elements such as Mangas Space created by Patricia Urquiola, and Knitted Stools created by Claire Anne O’Brien for GAN. Here, the seating modules and rugs form an island at the center of the space. The color yellow is used as an accent throughout the apartment and resonates with the more the neutral palette used everywhere else.

living in yellow atelier ligia casanova 15

The impact a simple rug can have is also illustrated in a recent project by DM3 & Dmitri Pisarenko, in Tallin, Estonia. This living space is defined by its tall ceilings and generous spatial proportions. The project features the Siracusa and Palermo kilim rugs, both designed by Sandra Figuerola for GAN. These rugs attract the attention and define the areas around which the furniture is organized, providing functionality and structure to the home. Their colorful geometric motifs unify the eclectic mixture of materials and furnishings.

dm3 dimitri pisarenko house tallin 4

dm3 dimitri pisarenko house tallin 3

dm3 dimitri pisarenko house tallin 2