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Designing Within Limited Space in Sao Paulo


It’s so entertaining to explore the world’s design solutions for limited urban spaces. They are always creative, innovative and unique and if we are lucky, they are also playful and vital like is the case of this creation from Vão Studio.

viadutos apartment vao 6

viadutos apartment vao 2

Located in the Viadutos Building a historic landmark of São Paulo designed and built by the architect Artacho Jurado during the 1950-s the apartment possesses unique architecture, unexpected shapes, and space distribution which makes its interior design arrangement a playful challenge. The designers demolished the internal walls and exposed the row concrete ceiling structure. Dynamic dialog and juxtaposition on three levels go between the solidity of the concrete slabs, the warmth and organic feel of the custom made wooden furniture and the playful shining surface of the green floor.

viadutos apartment vao 4

Intriguing design touches are the floating timber structures and furniture – none of them touches the unusual shine off the floor, and that gives a light, airy atmosphere for the small space. The suspended cube that contents library on the one side and wardrobe on the other also serves as a space divider between the sleeping quarter and the living room. Floor-to-ceiling windows give light to the confined space and introduce the dynamic 18-th floor urban view to the decor composition.

viadutos apartment vao 5

The trendy blue sofa offers inviting comfort and cheerful note supplemented by the aquamarine notes of the floor and the warm textural presence of the whitened brick wall. The bathroom of the apartment also offers attractive design solutions- being an enclosed space without direct access to natural light the designers choose to envelop it by panels of translucent glass whit acid treatment that ensures privacy, but also allows the filtered passage of light.  Photography by Rafaela Netto

viadutos apartment vao 13

viadutos apartment vao 1

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viadutos apartment vao 8

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viadutos apartment vao 3