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Guise Achieves a Magical Effect Thanks to New LED Technology


Guise is possible thanks to new LED technologies. Without that, it wouldn’t exist.” Stefan Diez. With Guise Stefan Diez has discovered a new potential use for LED technology in contact with matter: The light emanates from the piece of glass, while the source remains invisible. With this approach Guise achieves a magical effect and at the same time is fully functional. Because of the transparency of the glass when switched off the lamp almost disappears. When switched on it expresses a luminous and almost magnetic presence.

guise led lamp stefan diez 1

guise led lamp stefan diez 2

guise led lamp stefan diez 5

A pattern of engraved incisions made in the borosilicate glass, created using a robotic cutting a, refracts, radiates and reflects the light brilliantly. The Led source is located longitudinally as if it were a seam, almost imperceptible.

guise led lamp stefan diez 8

Stefan Diez was inspired by several traditional techniques, Bohemian glass cutting and luminous street signage which are combined here in a unique contemporary vision. Together with its innovative technology Guise achieves almost a virtual light. Guise includes a sensor that allows its intensity to be dimmed simply by bringing one’s hand close to the light, without the need for a switch, or even direct contact.

guise led lamp stefan diez 4

The collection includes pendant lamps, both vertical and horizontal, that allows them to be placed on dining tables, offices or sitting rooms and circulation areas, with single fittings or multiple configurations. The wall sconce version with a different formal expression features a glass disk that gives off a perimeter glow where the Led light source is also hidden. When turned off it becomes fused with its background, when on it evokes a solar eclipse. Guise was recognized with a 2018 German Design Award for its innovative design.

guise led lamp stefan diez 6

guise led lamp stefan diez 7

guise led lamp stefan diez 9