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Schiattarella Associati Office in Rome


Schiattarella Associati has recently moved its headquarters in Piazza Mincio 2 in Rome in the symbolic center of the urban icon of the 1900s: the Coppedè District.

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 1

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 6

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 5

“The change of location in this side of the city, a unique place for the strong architectural personality and the exuberant decorations is the logical consequence of our professional evolution which in a few years has brought us to become an International firm “ architects explain. The 600 square meter studio is located in the penthouse of Palazzo Cabiria – one of the most significant buildings in the district, characterized by the monumental arched entrance with peacock-tailed decorative motifs – from whose porch you can enjoy the extensive view of Castelli Romani, up to Monti Tiburtini and the arc of mountains surrounding Rome.

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 3

For the restoration of the headquarters, Schiattarella Associati has developed a minimal interior design, maintaining the existing elements and combining them with few essential renewal elements.

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 8

As the architects explain: “The decorated ceilings, the paving of cement grit and nailed parquet of the early 1900s, an entirely frescoed room or the balcony overlooking the fountain in the square and the lodges surrounding the workspaces, constitute an identity heritage that we have chosen not only to preserve but to valorize, if possible. To these ‘values’ we have added signs of contemporaneity, explicitly and without compromise, looking for contamination and to resonate languages apparently incompatible with each other “.

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 12

At the entrance, the secretariat is defined by a large handmade waxed steel plate desk that interacts with the stuccos and the painted wood frames and seems suspended on the original floor of black and white cement. Moving forward, a long corridor communicates with the decorated ceiling defining the path on which the various work environments lead into (the project rooms, the meeting room, the offices of the partners); marked by a steel and glass shelf you can find models, prototypes, mock-ups of the projects that give us a bright idea of the complexity of the Schiattarella Associati creative process.

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 4

“The set-up restates the firm cultural manifesto; the past/present dialectic is seen as an opportunity to enrich the language of architecture: maximum respect for the past, but pride for the contemporary too, claiming for both equal dignity and equal role in the flow of history.”  Photography by: Luigi Filetici

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 13

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 7

schiattarella associati headquarter rome 2