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Ronda Design Shows New Collection at Salone Mobile Milan


KI Table and Libera bookcase are new products that Ronda Design will present at the next Salone Mobile Milan Hall 8 stand E34.

ki table ronda design 2

The concept of the Ki table draws its inspiration from a lightweight and elemental appeal. The right balance between form and function distinguished by just a handful of bold lines that convey sturdiness and strength to the painted metal spoked base. KI, which in Japanese expresses the concept of the universe’s vital energies, emphasizes a sophisticated and refined simplicity that is particularly suited to furnishing living rooms with a contemporary taste and intimate atmospheres.

ki table ronda design 4

Extensive customization possibilities
The broad range of table tops in various materials and multiple shapes ensures extensive freedom of customization to suit specific preferences and tastes. Indeed, KI is presented with a marble table top (in different precious finishes such as Calacatta White for a palette of shades ranging from white to grey and black), ceramic, colored glass and wood in the trendy American Walnut, smoked Oak and Natural Oak finishes. Furthermore, the table tops also come in the round, slightly hexagonal or rectangular shapes, the latter being also designed with extra length and a double leg to accommodate the requirements of contract settings.

ki table ronda design 3

The metallic DNA of Ronda Design
The base of KI features a leitmotiv, namely metal, which by tradition and processing expertise can be found across the entire Ronda Design product range. Ronda Design’s strengths include being an industrial concern, combined with striking designs, craftsmanship skills and care, as well as the ability to mix different materials to create unprecedented products for the living room in the continuous pursuit of enhancing design quality.

ki table ronda design 1

Libera, freestyle (“stile libero”) Design Gino Carollo
A “freestyle” bookcase: regarding its composition, its materials and its flexible range of uses. Libera is a magnetic, modular, double-sided bookcase made from wood and varnished metal. The individual pieces, made with 45° or 90° angles, are fixed together using a magnetic system that allows for maximum freedom in their composition.

libera bookcase ronda design 5

Multifaceted and technologically advanced, Libera represents the essence of functionality and aesthetics: the fact that there is no back to this piece creates a very lightweight effect, allowing light to filter through and giving the bookcase a leading role within the home’s interior design. This piece also satisfies a range of furnishing requirements: from acting as a low-level divider to mark out a walkway, to taller and wider compositions.

libera bookcase ronda design 6

Libera contains, displays and accentuates your favorite objects: the living room is the ideal setting for this piece, although it may also be designed for entrance halls and bedrooms thanks to its lightweight feel and endless composition possibilities, allowing for highly distinctive interpretations. An extensive range of materials and finishes is available in the catalog, including six different shades of metal and four wood veneers. Libera is the result of ongoing research by Ronda Design, which is continuously expanding its range of services and products focused on innovative design, quality materials and the study of how to give users maximum freedom of expression.

otium poufs ronda design 7

Multifaceted poufs (“Poliedrici pouf”) Design Studio 28
Empathic, comfortable, multifaceted, a real must-have for your home. Otium is a collection of versatile and functional round poufs, with a varnished metal structure and cushion covered in leather, eco-leather or velvet. This piece of furniture is perfect for any room thanks to the three different sizes available (Ø of 100, 70 or 42 cm). In addition to being a decorative accessory, Otium also has a range of uses: an additional seat for those pleasant moments of sitting and spending time together, an other surface to rest on, a relaxing footrest for sofas and armchairs, an elegant and comfortable accessory for the bedroom and walk-in wardrobe.

otium poufs ronda design 9

The Otium collection brings unique character to both traditional and modern rooms: more original than a seat or small chair, this piece can play around with shapes and contrasting materials and colors, unlike other items of upholstered living room furniture. Otium is the result of ongoing research by Ronda Design, which is continuously expanding its range of services and products focused on innovative design, quality materials and the study of how to give users maximum freedom of expression.

otium poufs ronda design 8