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OOOOX Turns Two Apartments into a Single Spacious Home


Trendy urban luxury with subtle industrial hints and unexpectedly well-balanced elegance of design. When you take the robust black metal structures, row concrete slabs, combined with luxurious and shining materials (like the marble cladding, crystal accents and velvet-like textures) you won’t expect such well-measured elegance but in the case of this modern apartment located in Prague, Czech Republic – the artistic harmony and strong individual statement of the decor are fact.

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Merging two apartments in old building the contemporary designers from OOOOX Studio create a space with strong focal accents; the floating in the air metal staircase leading to the second floor premise, the custom-made structure of the library slash working space corner or even the slightly arched appearance of the invitingly looking window – bench designer’s solutions that give character and unique artistic expression of the apartment.

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The monochrome color arrangement of the space dominated by the dark expressive hues of gray and black and balanced by the milk shades of the marble additions – is creating an atmosphere of dynamic contemporary elegance and moderate luxury without irritating color accents and overreach of cheerfulness. The only strong color accents in the design arrangement come from the paintings and pieces of art that spice up the decor.

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Space is combining the clear-lined expression of the modern design with a comfortable and functional distribution of space and furnishing. The main living premise combines the row industrial hint from the concrete slabs with the exquisite delicacy of the crystal chandelier, the purity of the metal shapes with the softness of the textiles, the entwinement of black surfaces and white marble accents very dynamic and sophisticated combinations in a well measured arrangement. The kitchen premise is designed in an opposite (negative like reflection) color selection –prevailing whiteness with subtle black accents and elegant lightning solutions that give contemporary charm to the timeless elegance of the marble.

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The bathroom decided in trendy black, is composed of intriguing miniature tile arrangement, shining and smooth surfaces and modern, robust shapes. In the bedroom, the designers introduced subtle and soft beige hues and light dove-grays to create a soothing and soft ambiance entwining, again, light and dark accents, clear shapes and thin, elegant lines.  Photography by Kiva Photo

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