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Modernistic Beach House on the Coast of Chilly


Complex in its simplicity and elegant in its minimalism, modernistic beach house on the coast of Chile. How would contemporary cubism and minimalism look on the beach? Intriguing and in the case of Schmidt Arquitectos Asociados project in Chilly – sunny, that is how!

beach house chilly 9

beach house chilly 20

Composing this beach home the architects kept it simple and expressive – an excellent combination for a contemporary project. The facade of the house with its intriguing lines and shapes, row materials and angled geometric expression creates a dynamic projection of the sand dunes and the sea waves. The decked terrace makes the passage between inside premises and simple beach composition intriguingly creative – entwining wooden pats and sand patches the architects created informal space where one can go barefooted and feel at home. The interior premises combine the row feel of the concrete structures, the abundance of natural light penetrating throughout the vast glass openings and the warmth and natural feel of the wooden cladding and furniture.

beach house chilly 11

The main living premises are composed in open space layout combining the simple and pure materials expression whit minimalist furnishing and open sunny compositions. Large soft furniture gives trendy note and comfort to the design arrangement, the concrete structures combined with the wooden cladding, plywood structures, and rich textural elements – have more organic than an industrial suggestion. The rural rugs give warmth and consistence to the siting room composition.

beach house chilly 12

The light color composition inspired by the sand and warm sunny presence of the natural elements supplemented by organic textures (including the ethereal textile of the curtains) carry the sea breeze feel into the design composition. Definitely, an intriguing structure – the row concrete shell with its modernistic expression successfully composes an inviting, organic and relaxed ambiance. The main architectural construct with its pure materials expression and geometrical dynamics frames in the unusual and inspired way the view toward the infinite blue and that creates a dynamic dialog between the surrounding landscape and the home.  Photography by Aryeh Kornfeld

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