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Studio Gosplan Created Cross-shaped Wooden Furniture for Renovated Flat


Studio Gosplan introduces cross-shaped wooden furniture into this flat refurbishment inspired by Russian artist El Lissitzky. Located in the Italian countryside near Genova, Italy the purpose of the new infrastructure is to manage the entire house, acting as a sort of nucleus for the rest of the property.

studio gosplan renovated flat 4

studio gosplan renovated flat 7

studio gosplan renovated flat 13

The design for the central framework takes off from El Lissitzky’s fine works, a series exploring the language of suprematism. Experimenting similarly with axes and multiple perspectives, Gosplan changed the one-directional principle of this property by replacing half of its staircase with a huge wooden volume consisting of a central line, one short arm, and one longer. Containing stairs to an attic, the suspended kitchen, and the closet and shelves of the house, the intention of introducing new navigation was to open up space.

studio gosplan renovated flat 3

studio gosplan renovated flat 6

studio gosplan renovated flat 5

Throughout the property has been enhanced by revealing concealed opportunities. The bedroom is accompanied by a second bathroom and new amenities taking place in a former storage room, and at the end of the corridor, a sliding mirror hides the master bedroom door.

studio gosplan renovated flat 12

In this way, people enter the flat by a large living room with an open kitchen. There is no obvious distraction of routes within the property and only a short mirrored corridor leading to other rooms. Even the part-grounded-part-suspended staircase acts as an allusive passage.

studio gosplan renovated flat 11

The whole project deals are muted in that it deals with few materials and colors. The living room and master bedroom are covered in grey wooden floorboards, while the kitchen and the all other rooms have a grey micro-cement flooring. The furniture is custom made of natural durmast and colored medium density fibreboards.  Photography byAnna Positano

studio gosplan renovated flat 2

studio gosplan renovated flat 1

studio gosplan renovated flat 8