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Restaurant Decor with Traditional Forms and Contemporary Design by Fabio Ferrillo


Campamac, the new high-end osteria established by Michelin-starred chef Emilio Garola and international manager Paolo Dalla Mora, opens in Barbaresco, province of Cuneo, in the heart of the Langhe region, Italy: Fabio Ferrillo, talented architect with a cultured and refined aesthetic, signs this surprising shop-restaurant levitating between traditional echoes and contemporary mood.

fabio ferrillo campamac 14

fabio ferrillo campamac 17

A warm, characteristic and sophisticated ambiance recalling the tradition of the territory reinterprets its DNA with an up-to-date accent. A small shop becoming a cocktail bar, a technically advanced kitchen representing the unique focal point of each perspective, a dining room decorated with a statement carpet, but in marble: surprise is the key to read every space.

fabio ferrillo campamac 8

A complex challenge, an ambitious and exciting project. “I followed some English vibes – the architect describes – though remaining strongly connected to this land, to the view onto the valley and to the Monviso mountain upfront. I designed every single detail, from lighting to furniture, establishing a dialogue between the concrete walls and the town of Barbaresco, but filtering the view to the outside through a green, tropical scenery”.

fabio ferrillo campamac 1

An almost hidden staircase leads to the cellar, the second heart of the Campamac experience besides the kitchen: here the wine is stored in the infernòt – typical underground space carved in tuff – becoming all the more evocative thanks to Fabio Ferillo’s design and the presence of the scenographic central table in marble and iron, again conceived by the architect.

fabio ferrillo campamac 2

Campamac is not just a restaurant, but a high-end osteria where everything is for sale: at the small entrance shop it is, therefore, possible to purchase fresh bread and pasta, the best local meat cuts, the sauces, and jams. But also plates, appropriate glasses for Nebbiolo wine and artworks, such as Another View, a video installation of a window overlooking the Venetian Carnival from Palazzo Pisani, or Sweeper’s Clock by Danish designer Maarten Baas, whose watch evidently explains how time is not to be overlooked.

fabio ferrillo campamac 5

fabio ferrillo campamac 4

fabio ferrillo campamac 3

One last curiosity: Campamac is a dialectal word used in Piedmont as an encouragement, something like the English “come on” or Roman “daje.” It’s the greeting motto always used by chef Maurilio Garola, and it seemed just the perfect word to name this new restaurant in the heart of the Langhe.

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