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Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2019


This time we will try to investigate and predict the upcoming trends in interior design for 2019 based on analysis of colors, materials, furniture designs and shapes that we discover and observe in project and designers and architects that capture our attention through the years.

interior design trends 19

In today’s life composing a living ambiance that uses not only trendy and aesthetic materials but also ones that can be recycled and used repeatedly is not just a preference, but it’s also becoming a responsibility. So without contradicting the two human desires – the aspiration for artistic, luxurious and stylish expression and the admiration towards nature and organic tactile sensations, we will introduce you the upcoming trends in movable and transforming furniture compositions, recyclable and natural materials and of course the small urban spaces design ideas with their multifunctional and smart forms. Or, in other words, everything that keeps the high artistic standards in harmonious interaction with nature.

interior design trends 16

The trend for luxury and rich expression is obvious when it comes to the soft sitting arrangements – sofas, armchairs, and ottomans – they are all big, soft, enveloping the body into velvet and rounded shapes. The designers usually combine them with marble cladding and surfaces, glass structures and furniture and aristocratic colored-metals: brass, copper, silver or golden shine.

interior design trends 69

Although luxury is a constant trend for many brands. The innovation research and inspiration comes to exciting and sustainable discoveries at the furniture creation scene – the 3D printing comes to mind. Practical, flexible and easily arranged in the dynamic modern life flow, the contemporary 3D creations also have an added value. Some design studios and artist, which we will present to you further on, use sustainable bio-plastic to create their 3D project; others recycle and reuse the domestic plastic waste, but either way, they come to show that art and contemporary furniture creation can also be respectful towards the planet.

interior design trends 70

Apart from these fresh, innovative elements, the traditional organic materials don’t lose their value: wood, glass, stone are still an excellent choice for the designers. The innovation here comes from the strength and durability of the materials. Lately, the glass is so durable that entire furniture’s are created by it, or it is used as a stable base for heavy marble tops. The terrazzo and terracotta presence is also an actual trend at the materials composition scene.

interior design trends 74

Don’t miss the retro trend too it is still trendy. And we will take a thorough look at it. Many designers stay focused and inspired by the retro feel. So, yes, we defiantly still need the warmth, softness and roundly glitter of the disco vibe. And last but not least, we will investigate the intriguing nomad lifestyle, the movable and flexible furniture arrangements and of course the small urban homes that provoke the imagination and the creativity of the designers. These are the dynamic segments and the core of our research of the 2019 interior design trends. Come, let’s explore them closely.

interior design trends 35

Nomadic Living – 3D Printing and Recycling

The ever-changing conditions and dynamic nature of modern life provoke the search for alternative living accommodations, inspire flexibility and modular furniture design and calls upon the movable individual. The nomadic living can be part of urban culture or can be a search for temporary accommodations such as travelers and explorers lifestyle, vacation homes or disaster relief housing. In any form, the choice of living is part of any culture or society. The growth of cities and suburbs is beginning to make many people question what is the most appealing way of living. Nomadic architecture and design is looking to satisfy the flexible life choices, the movability and dynamics of life, celebrating the freedom of expression and complexity of life and artistic creations.


This is one sculpturally impressive and functionally intriguing creation of DUS Architects. They used sustainable bio-plastic to create the 3D Print Urban Cabin, which can be used as a solution for temporary housing or disaster relief shelter and if no-longer-needed can be dissolved and almost entirely reused.


This environmentally-friendly outdoor seating composition for ECO-oh! is created by Studio Segers. The designers had figured out a way to turn household plastic waste, like yogurt cups, butter tubs, and plastic bags, into a flexible, durable and artistic solution for outdoor furniture.


The expressive modular H-bench features two components with and without backrests, that connect in a variety of ways, resulting in endless configurations. You can create a stool, chair, bench, sofa, or any combination as small or as large as you want – enjoy, being the co-creator of your outdoor space!


Here 3D printing technologies are used to create wholly customizable and sustainable floors. The designers from Aectual entwined recycled bio-plastic material to form the frameworks and then a mixture of recycled granite or marble to fill in the remaining spaces. The system is suitable for projects of all sizes – from crafting the bespoke floor at loft’s flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, to composing the Amsterdam’s airport floors.


Furniture Design Trends for 2019 – Multifunctional & Compact Furniture

We have prepared for you three iconic examples of contemporary furniture creations that demonstrate multi-functionality, flexibility and artistic reconstruction of ethnic- inspirations with innovative materials. All of these cases possess the flexible and innovative features necessary for their implementation in small spaces and dynamic lifestyle.


This creation of the Taiwanese designer Laurel Hwang, called Plier is a multi-purpose piece of furniture with a light modernistic silhouette that can serve as an artistic space divider in open-plan lofts securing privacy, or as a trendy bar installation when there is a gathering of friends obtaining the connection. The furniture piece features a perforated translucent pattern panel that can form a spatial boundary and a contemporary frame of hydraulic pistons that are within telescopic rods and allow the piece to transform with ease into a trendy table-bar installation.



Sheets of paper and resin compose the unique creation of Heatherwick Studio the Friction table, the furniture that can adapt to different spaces and needs. The lattice formation of this elegant and single piece of furniture stretches out to accommodate both large and small groups of people offering a diversity of shapes, from oval to oblong and multifunctional space accommodation.

interior design trends compact furniture 78

According to the designers, the unusual type of material used for the ingenious creation of this flexible table originates from the Mid-Twentieth Century and was initially developed for industrial purposes, now it’s about to set the trend with its unique qualities and expression.

interior design trends compact furniture 75

And finely for the series of flexible furniture creations the ‘Yemenite Totem – an artistic expression of creative functionalism inspired by the ethnic beauty of the Jewish-Yemenis culture.

interior design trends 1

The creation of a stackable seating set made from four stools and a tray with a silhouette that combines its ethnic, inspiration with contemporary elegance. Entwining different materials: iron, copper, linen into elegant, woven shapes the designers left a space for the personal choices of the owner, different forms of the stools create a differ totem, when the furniture pieces are not needed, can be stacked on top of each other.

interior design trends 2

The dynamic possibilities for the interior decor composition offered by this artistic and beautiful creation are also inspired by the traditional Jewish-Yemenis culture – local craft, such as filigree craftsmanship and traditional embroidery in unique clothing are used as an inspiration and guidelines for the creation of this flexible contemporary furniture piece.

Trendy Interior Design Materials & Finishes

interior design trends 5

The renowned designer Patricia Urquiola created Liquefy Collection by using tempered, extra-light glass, with faded and irregular decorations resembling the veins of marble. The elegant set of high and low, oval-shaped tables laid on asymmetrical legs are dynamic and enchanting – the veins patterns appear to be flowing with the shift of the viewpoints. Excellent addition to any sensual and dynamic contemporary interior arrangement.

interior design trends 7

Another glass inspired coffee tables with a base of hand-blown glass and tops made in back-painted, stone, joint together by a metal edging. This collection, called Lands is a beautiful and expressive interior element. Introduced into contemporary interior decor the tables can be arranged singularly or combined. The seemingly random colors, shapes, and textures of the tables tops are inspired by the aerial views of rural lands, dynamically arranged and characterized by the different types of cultivation.

interior design trends 22

An again earth inspired collection – the Tectonic Tables. This iconic creation features a dynamic set of three marble-clad tables that can move closer or further away from each other, just like the fluid movements of the Earth Tectonic Plates. This smart composition by the renowned Belgian stone company Vandenweghe also features trendy brass legs that introduce a jazzy note to the luxurious feel of the marble tops. The dynamic character of this composition also includes the possibility the table set to adapt to different layouts and to be arranged separately as well.

interior design trends 24

Marble stays trendy at the design scene although some designers are inspired to find a more casual and simple way to use this praised and luxurious material. The collaboration between Note Design Studio and Norm Architects created unique and expressive Patch Tables composed from leftover pieces of marble arranged in a dynamic circular collection of removable tabletops that can double up as trays. This flexible multi-functionality, combined with the simple elegance of the design, the smart usage of materials – elegant and slim steel frame enhances the contemporary expression of the marble patchwork.

interior design trends 33

interior design trends 34

The dynamic and intriguing nature of the terrazzo is bringing this complex material back in unexpected and hot trends. This durable material has been around for centuries used mainly into the architectural structures as flooring or cladding, but now is making a comeback in a significant artistic manner. A composite material formed by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement or epoxy binder the terrazzo turns out to be flexible enough and sustainable enough to be used in multiple design articles and elements: from 3D printed floors to small decor details and lighting solutions. The terrazzo is here to stay, and it offers an excellent variety of colors, textures, and applications.

interior design trends 37

The Dutch company Aectual has developed innovative technology for 3D printing floors using recycled or bio-plastic and huge robotic 3D printers to create the framework of the floors, which are then filled with different terrazzo mixtures. This technique allows an endless variety of colors, shapes, and patterns – complete customization for your floors. According to the designers, the resulting floors are high quality and wear-resistant. Also, thanks to the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials, the floors are intended to create little or no waste.

interior design trends 26

Thanks to the inventive imagination of contemporary designers and new technology advantages, the terrazzo is no longer confined to floors and walls; it has taken over furniture and lighting solutions as well! The China-based studio Bentu‘s Tu Lamps from recycled waste and use different terrazzo shades of Guangzhou. Stylish and very trendy these lamps and their artistic input are an intriguing addition to any decor.

interior design trends 13

Another traditional material that finds new, creative ways to express itself the ceramics, more specifically the red brick is circling a big comeback on the design scene. Something to keep an eye on. Composing this beautiful and unique home that blurs the borders between open and closed (aiming not only the openness of the inner premises of the house towards its surrounding gardens but also creating a dynamic play in the patterns of the bricks, which introduces an aerial and sculptural feel) the Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo went to Puebla (a city famed for its ceramics) to bring a custom-made red bricks in four different sizes.

interior design trends 25

Searching for a balance between openness and enclosure, entwining herringbone pattern on the pavements and the organic and linear feel of the wooden structures the architects achieve an extraordinary richness of tone, texture, and depth of perception, only with these two basic materials.

interior design trends 65

The Spanish brought the courtyard house to the New World, and Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo have taken the concept to a higher level of sophistication using organic materials palette and very trendy approach in exploring the infinite possibilities of the ceramic textures.

interior design trends 12

In the Schlickeysen modular furniture system, the curved ceramic vaults are supported by a metal frame with contemporary, dynamic expression. Thanks to their standardized size a rich variety of settings can be configured – picnic tables, continuous benches, grandstands, topographies, and many more typologies can be achieved by just arranging the metal supports and the ceramic vaults as a horizontal surface. The Enorme Studio had initiated the research, of which the Schlickeysen is the first prototype, aiming to promote and diversify the usage of industrialized ceramic into contemporary furniture solutions and outdoor design.

interior design trends 40

70s Home Decor Trends Making A Comeback

The bold and confident vibe that comes from the vibrant colors and shapes inspired by the Seventies, the Boho Chic and retro glam are tendencies that translate easily into today’s dynamic interior decor. So, the retro inspiration is visible every way you look at the trendy design scene. Some elements and key pieces are must do, their era-defining shapes, their textural feel and color richness, and of course the unique lighting schemes and lampshades are also pretty characteristic and can shift the whole decor appearance in no time. So, where to look when a desire to add a touch of bigness and unique shapes from the 70s style is upon you? We have selected a few strong examples coming from renowned brands and designers that carry a distinctive retro feel entwined with their unique, artistic and contemporary features.

interior design trends 9

At Ambiente, the Frankfurt’s trade fair, the British designer Bethan Gray realized a café décor that features fantastic colors, shapes, and elements inspired by the seashore and beach vibe with a distinctive retro vibe. The intriguing symmetry, rich textures, and mutter colors entwine in re-energizing harmony that implements the specific energy of Cafe Jade Serenity. The exquisite materials palate – Italian veneer, marquetry and solid brass, applied by master craftsmen and the collaboration with remarkable Shamsian Collection make this dynamic decor something not to miss when searching for inspiration.

interior design trends 11

The renowned Italian brand Moroso also offers a contemporary treat with a unique expression, inspired by the tactile sensation, color and gadget details from an earlier era. Rugs “The One or The Other” for cc-tapis by Alex Proba.

interior design trends 8

Teaming up with the fashion brand Diesel they created a “collection of laid-back and comfortable products“ that includes the iconic Assembly Sofa composed of dynamically contradictional plush velvet and industrial steel bolts. The timeless interior composition by Spotti Milano whit is sophisticated materials, and colors composition that makes textures and shapes to come together in harmonious elegance is another great example of vintage sparkle and modern clear lines.

interior design trends 6

Instant Panorama composition is a new concept curated by Studiopepe that express its strong characteristic color, materials and shapes combination in a contemporary way with a hint of retro.


Another intriguing element is the Gelosia Screen, the bottle green aspects of the decor offer rich textural feel to the composition: from metal lattice to the luxurious velvet of Beetle Chairs. The iconic Gubi round-table, lit by the elegant design of the Mobile Chandelier 8 by Michael Anastassiades rounds up the intriguing interior.


70s home decor trends 42

The architects Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa from the renowned design studio UdA Architects present us with its vital and chic interior decor composition for a small apartment in Milan.

70s home decor trends 66

70s home decor trends 67

Space entwines bold contemporary solutions with retro hints and unexpected materials such as Vienna straw and wicker, and lively patterns are juxtaposing the monochrome elements. Inspired by nature and its reflections (beautiful old trees visible through large windows, floral patterned wallpapers throughout the space and abundance of green) the apartment interior features intriguing and artistic details, unique pieces of furniture and such a vital color palette that space grabs your imagination and won’t let go.

70s home decor trends 68


The key design factors at play are bold colors in retro tones: custom made joinery, an array of eccentric materials and of course the intriguing system of black metal frames that runs throughout the apartment, breaks the vertical volumes and support the lighting fixtures. Vintage pieces of furniture: some previously owned, some custom made by the architects (like kitchen brass laminate and lacquered wood cabinets) compose an ambiance of unique charm and undoubted value. Trendy materials: like the gorgeous terrazzo flooring, the colored glass partitions, and metal lattices only enhance the strong visual impact of this complicated and stylish interior.


Modern Convertible City Apartments

As we have shared with you before the global tendencies call for innovative, smart and flexible solutions for urban living conditions – it is a fact that for the last years more and more of the global population lives in towns and cities than in smaller settlements. The limited urban space calls for smaller and smaller living arrangements, but this does not necessary means that compromises with the quality and style of life should be made. It presents an opportunity for creative and unexpected ideas which leads to new trends and artistic solutions at the design and architectural scene. And flexibility is the key to it – flexibility of furniture and space arrangements, flexibility of imagination.

modern convertible city apartment 48

Jazzing up the concrete box this project proves that even square limited spaces in the urban concrete jungle can be flexible and entertaining. Introducing sliding panels, movable furniture and walls and hidden compartments the architects from Wei Yi International Design Associates provide either open spaciousness or necessary privacy – whenever needed. The large bucket’s circles penetrating from the upper floor become an artistic installation that dominates the décor and gives it the illusory feel of, so grand a space that huge art installation can be inserted, but usually, we don’t use the ceilings, don’t we?

modern convertible city apartment 61

Combining flexible structure arrangements, bold and vital colors whit the purity and simplistic expression of the concrete and the contemporary minimalism of furnishing the designers achieved an exciting and dynamic space configuration in this dull and stereotyped concrete frame. The multi-functionality of the large central piece of furniture meets the ingenious flexibility of the space dividers and allows a multiplicity of modern life combinations.

modern convertible city apartment 49

This small jewel that carries the Asian simplicity of arrangement and purity of expression is created by Hiroyuki Ogawa Architects inside a reinforced-concrete building in Tokyo.

modern convertible city apartment 53

The small 34-square-meter studio apartment appears spacious, luminous and serine thanks to the bright architectural arrangement of sliding wooden screens, the powerful undulated shape of the ceiling above the cave-like bedroom premise and the elegant color choices and minimalist furniture compositions. The fish-bone pattern of the screens in combination with the irregular cube of the room and the dominating oblong shapes accentuated throughout the premises creates a dynamic contemporary expression for the whole design.

modern convertible city apartment 54

The modernistic and bright expression of these modular furniture structures belongs to the Portuguese practice Waataa. They added the two brightly colored modules to this urban apartment design arrangement to help define specific areas within the open-plan space. Another ingenious design solution: integrated into the modules and walls fold-out furniture pieces further enhance the saving of space approach and the clean, minimalist expression of the design.

modern convertible city apartment 72

Distinguished by bold color accents on the backdrop of minimalist whiteness, the modular segments host kitchen zone and bedroom space, both with strong artistic and sculptural presence. The incorporation of fold-away furniture in the contemporary design compositions is not only a space-saving mechanism, but it is also an entertaining and functional addition to any dynamic urban dwelling.

modern convertible city apartment 73

modern convertible city apartment 71

Interior Design Color Trends 2019

Millennial Pink has lost it’s cool. Prepare for the return of red. Colors bring life and character statement to any interior.

interior design color trends 2019 76

Their choice, implication, and intensity create the basic sensual feel of the space and together with the tactile sensations compose the uniqueness of the atmosphere. Observing the trends in color usage in the global interior design scene, one can say that the recently hot Millennial Pink is losing its ground and the red wave is coming.

interior design color trends 2019 77

interior design color trends 2019 79

Designer and color trend explorer Jane Boddy predicts that red and purple will become increasingly popular whit the upcoming season, especially observing the high street and some Middle Eastern Decor. The polarity of this trend the spectrum between red and purple and the hues in between – will be able to satisfy a wide range of tastes and aesthetical searches.

interior design color trends 2019 55

The Israeli architects Pitsou Kedem together with Irene Goldberg and Sigal Baranowitz created the aerial magic of Ya Pan Bistro. Mesh screens in contrasting colors hang above the industrial-vibe base of the steel structures. The natural, tasty sweet color variations between strawberry red though raspberry pink to blueberry blue are going to be a strong presence in the design scene in the upcoming seasons.

interior design color trends 2019 52

The deeper variations of the colors introduce warmth and characteristic strong statement to the decor composition. The play in the red-purple spectrum is very sensual. The polarity of the upcoming trend – the energizing statement of the bold red and the more subdued style of the blubbery inspired hues can satisfy a great versatility of tastes – from the searchers of strong sensations and energizing experiences to the ones that prefer the calmer and softer expression for their ambiance.

interior design color trends 2019 58

Deep and rich a new blue-green trend is appearing at the scene. With more sophisticated emanation and brighter presence than its pastel counterparts, the full-blooded blue-green trend is the next accent. Infusing the homes with calming, grounded vibes those natural tones will quietly enhance the virtually in any premise.

interior design color trends 2019 60