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Niwa Inspired by the Ancient On-Board Lamps


Niwa is an indoor/outdoor lamp designed by Christophe Pillet for Oluce, was inspired by the ancient on-board lamps, revisited in a contemporary style thanks to its cleaner-cut shapes and sophisticated finishes.

niwa lamp christophe pillet 3

niwa lamp christophe pillet 4

The light bulb is protected by a glass bell, and both are fixed to a metal cone, available in several different versions according to the type of lamp: cable-suspended in the indoor suspended version and with a free line cable in the outdoor version. Where Niwa reveals a nomadic soul, lending itself to a wide range of applications, coiled around a tree branch or resting, free, on a green English lawn.

niwa lamp christophe pillet 2

niwa lamp christophe pillet 1