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Moss Sofa Embodies the Classic Divan in a New Way


A sofa as soft as down, purist coffee tables, cool sofa beds, new frame variants, an easy chair detail for deep thinkers: Welcome to living with COR!

moss sofa green cor 1

moss sofa green cor 2

Reminiscent of a sumptuous, soft, upholstered cushion, the Moss sofa with the cuddle factor embodies the classic divan in a new way: in a modern/archaic form. Its outer shape looks like a monolith or a sculpture, and inside it surprises with expansive, extremely soft pillow surfaces into which you sink – and from which you never want to get up again.

moss sofa green cor 6

moss sofa green cor 7

moss sofa green cor 8

As a closed-base divan for the 21st century, Moss rests on a fine flat steel construction whose elements simply “reflect themselves away.” “We have reversed the traditional sofa shape,”emphasize the designers Jehs+Laub, “instead of thin cushions and a heavy base, Moss has a large cushion volume, enhanced with soft down encasements. The frame beneath is completely unobtrusive in its appearance.”

moss sofa nude cor 12

moss sofa nude cor 13

Moss combines maximum seating comfort with pure relaxation. You can sit, rest and lie on it – or just do nothing. Depending on the degree of the individual cuddle factor, smaller or larger landscapes can be planned. The armrests can be configured either symmetrically or unilaterally. If you then place only individual back cushions on the right or left, modern forms of the recamier are created. The additional stool element can be combined with any sofa variant. Models in all types of fabric and leather in the COR collection.

moss sofa nude cor 11

moss sofa nude cor 9

moss sofa leather cor 5

moss sofa leather cor 4

moss sofa leather cor 3