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Space-Saving Design Objects by Vladimir Pashkov


Kiev based designer Vladimir Pashkov developed objects for the space of a small flat. This hanger should be half filled waiting for guests. “Usual shelf with hooks wouldn’t satisfy me. At the same time it was desirable to save space on the floor for shoes or other furniture”, – says the author.

vladimir pashkov hanger 5

So choosing of pendant construction was apparent. Of course, comparing to floor standing, it is static. But not every hallway gives an opportunity to make rearrangement. The form itself was thought through with keeping in mind usual hanger so that not to worry about crumpled jackets. The first version of design had nothing familiar with puppets and was a prototype for checking out the idea. Highly artistic, almost decorative image came to mind later. But if you want there is a further philosophy behind that light-hearted shape. Think of which end of the thread you are now. And when your clothes on that “little mannequin”? Beware! It is easy to be manipulated in the contemporary world. And you will be reminded of that time after time by this manifesto written in the form of sculpture.

vladimir pashkov hanger 7

In its current view “Kuklovod“(eng – puppeteer) was born at the end of 2015. But restrictions to installation of pendant version* led to developing three more traditional models: as floor standing on a tripod, floor standing with adjustable height and single on a low stand.

vladimir pashkov hanger 4

It will suit contemporary styles, but usage will be defined by the message of the space: to surprise and be surprised, to laugh and rejoice – never stop to be a child. “Dolls” are made of wood with lacquer finishing or glossy paint. Other construction elements are of stainless steel or painted metal. Jewelry organizer uses marble in its base.

vladimir pashkov hanger 2

vladimir pashkov hanger 1

vladimir pashkov hanger 6

vladimir pashkov hanger 3