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Old Historic Charm of Brick House Reimagined by YCL Studio


Intriguing, six levels architectural space in Brussels created by architects Jean and Veronique Boland-Springal in the 70ts is redesigned and reimagined by design YCL Studio – a contemporary design studio that we follow with great interest. And as it is their signature touch the designers combined wonderfully the old historic charm of the building with fresh and clean modern views and approaches.

brickwall ycl studio 4

brickwall ycl studio 11

Using elaborate and rich materials palate, dynamic and entreating color combinations, the designers entwined the architectural history and its expressive materials palette into the characteristic design expression of their modern project. The color accents throughout the premises are laid on the base of the architectural construct, and its organic materials base – the warm red of the exposed brick walls, the urban gray concrete feel, the smoothing whiteness and of course the exquisite wooden flooring, structures, and furniture are all giving vitality and context to the composition. The building frame includes an intriguing entwinement of monolithic concrete columns and slabs with expressive masonry backs and vast, framed panoramic windows. Steel constructs form the spine of the interior arrangement, including the focal point of the spiral staircase, connecting the levels of the home.

brickwall ycl studio 5

brickwall ycl studio 12

brickwall ycl studio 16

Luminous and reflecting white surfaces entwined with brick, wood, and concrete (also a signature touch of the designers) introduce dynamic contemporary touch and the natural light into the depths of the decor composition. The furniture is a stylish and eclectic mixture of modern clear lines, custom-made structures and vintage-inspired colors and furniture pieces (like the kitchen appliances’ colors and design).

brickwall ycl studio 6

brickwall ycl studio 7

brickwall ycl studio 13

One of the bathrooms has an unusual design expression- wooden cladding spiced up by the luminous whiteness and purity of the white and minimalist fittings and bathroom accessories. The child’s room is a masterpiece of warm minimalism, and organic design – wood, white surfaces and concrete frame entwine to create luminous and light ambiance. In the living room – trendy class partitions, elevated platforms and unusual shapes and angles (also part of the designers’ artistic space distribution signature) compose dynamic and spacious decor.

brickwall ycl studio 18

brickwall ycl studio 17

brickwall ycl studio 9

brickwall ycl studio 19

Contemporary art pieces, minimalist furniture compositions, open spaces and row, expressive materials are the high points of the interior composition of this beautiful architectural construct.

brickwall ycl studio 20

brickwall ycl studio 2

brickwall ycl studio 21

brickwall ycl studio 22

brickwall ycl studio 1

brickwall ycl studio 3