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Trendy Montreal Apartment with Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelf


Composing the design of this trendy Montreal apartment the designers from Atelier Barda had a challenge on their hands. Space was designated to accommodate international customers and employees of a fashion industry company – so people well acquitted to judge trendy and fashionable arrangements. The apartment was also required to satisfy the different tastes of its occupant’s whiles sustaining its modern and harmonious design arrangement.

trendy montreal apartment 11

trendy montreal apartment 14

Combining exquisite materials and expressive textures, preserving big part of the original apartment’s layout and bating most of the premises in abundance of natural light the designer’s composed inviting space with an elegant, serene and modernly minimalist design. The textural contrast of the surfaces that form the apartment’s interior is quite intriguing – the smooth polished concrete and tile floors are juxtaposed to rough surface of the exposed brick walls painted in luminous white, the luxurious marble elements of kitchen, bathroom and living space arrangements are complemented by the clean presence of light wood furniture and leather elements. The trendy iron-cast structures are kept bright and elegant, rounding up the modern industrial feel of the design.

trendy montreal apartment 2

The airy bookshelf structure in the living room is cleverly adorned with expressive green life that gives a good balance to the cold metal. In the kitchen dark painted oak is contrasting with the light marble, even the dining table and benches present us with a dynamic urban contrast of shape and materials – flat wooden surface and rounded metal base all balanced in light and elegant shape. Using contrast and playing with the perception of volume, the architects gave the space a unique modern style and spacious feel.  Photography by Adrien Williams

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