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ONG & ONG Composed a Home with Unique Outdoor Entertaining Space


Singapore as an exotic location evokes exotic architectural and design solutions. Combining elegant design with bold and artistic solutions, rich materials palate with the natural beauty of the tropic climate the designers from ONG & ONG composed a home that provides vast and unique spaces for entertaining guest, inviting compositions for relaxing with family and enjoying life in beautiful and luxurious ambiance.

ong ong project faber house 8

ong ong project faber house 11

Faber House features two rectangular volumes located on top of each other that provide spacious open plan premises, smart cross-ventilation systems and the characteristic for the architects richness and expressive materials selection. Sand-colored wood panel composes the facade, retractable glass windows secure the discrete border between inside and outside premises – securing supreme visual flow. Alluring timber decks and dark perforated panels are juxtaposed to the infinite blue of the swimming pool and the lush green of the garden – creating a dynamic juxtaposition of colors and textures.

ong ong project faber house 15

Into the dramatic living room premises, arranged as a half – transparent glass cube; the beauty of the materials palette and its diversity continuous: wooden elements and cladding, stone structures and expressive furniture pieces – all entwining luxury and characteristic style. Same goes for the elaborate and highly functional kitchen zone – sleek, dark finishes of stone and tile compose the dream of any chef.

ong ong project faber house 6

ong ong project faber house 7

The richness of the materials composition and the unique expression of the artistic design vision continues with the fantastic black, contemporary-geometric staircase that lands the Faber House experience into subterranean space, where sheet metal, textured concrete, timber strips, and rough gravel provide much character to the unique materials palette and space experience. We particularly enjoy the Zen-inspired gravel gardens that are intriguingly inserted in bathrooms, inner-courtyards and inside premises – introducing characteristic spirit and unique feel to the design composition.  Photography by Derek Swalwell

ong ong project faber house 12

ong ong project faber house 5

ong ong project faber house 13

ong ong project faber house 4

ong ong project faber house 3

ong ong project faber house 2

ong ong project faber house 1

ong ong project faber house 14