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Cafe in Brighton is Designed to Feel Like a Jungle


Tropical plant life and elegant metal structures entwine it this intriguing and luminous decor composition of Brighton cafe interior design.

red roaster stella collective 2

seaside cafe interior 5

seaside cafe interior 1

Sophisticated and stylish this cafe restaurant design captures us with its artistic atmosphere and luxurious materials palette and of course with the richness of the vivid green plant life – a luminous garden in the heart of Brighton, UK. The “botanical punk” theme of the cafe interior arouse from the collaboration between the Melbourne based design studio The Stella Collective and the UK Studio C102. Located in old Post office building this contemporary coffee experience was designed for Brighton’s oldest coffee house the Red Roaster – headed by Michelin-starred chef Matt Gillan.

seaside cafe interior 13

Entwining luminous whines of walls and exquisite marble surfaces with shying brass elements and reflecting mirrored panel walls, all arranged under clever skylight openings and lush plant canopy, the designers, achieved certain “tropical gothic” vibe that also includes polished chrome lettering across one of the walls and amazing dark steel staircase. The trendy black steel frame that sustains the suspended plant structure is a clever insertion that goes in sync with the modern shape of the intriguing metal stools and tables, the trendy lighting scheme and the shining metal elements that frame the decor composition.

seaside cafe interior 11

The artistic composition of shining metal, copper, white gridded tiles that feature an illustration of a giant goat’s skull and delicate plant life creates an entwinement of two worlds nature and punk, and according to the designers “brings back the rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to space.” This balance between style and luxury, airy finesse and rough trendy touches, decadent and artistry is challenging to achieve but in this case is spot on.

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red roaster stella collective 3

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