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Soft Decorative Fabric for Storage, Wardrobes and Bookcases


Designer Serena Confalonieri captures the essence of Porro’s design in the decorative fabrics that unexpectedly cover the brand’s tailor-made settings. Creative vitality and capability to interact, curiosity in exploring apparently different worlds that however share the same passion for quality: that is why Porro is today a trendsetting brand, always at the forefront, willing to experiment and to test itself.

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A vital ingredient of the 2017 material research as well as the latest frontier of the brand’s customisation options, the idea to introduce soft fabric parts inside the Storage wardrobes and the bookcases, turning them into actual precious chests where clothes and objects can be put: endless combinations of materials and colors for entirely personal solutions, where everyone can look for their favorite mix.

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Starting from plain tones of red, blue and écru, Porro’s experience with fabric experimentation takes new decorative directions with eclectic designer Serena Confalonieri, whom the company asked to create new motifs. Drawing inspiration from the iconic silhouettes of brand’s pieces of furniture, mixed up with lively shades and pale nuances, the designer imagines five fabrics which capture the essence of Porro’s design, bring it to life with a two-dimensional style and make up the sartorial settings of the brand with an unexpected vibe.

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A pale pink background is vertically marked by a series of small tables Balancing Boxes, consisting of irregularly overlapping wooden boxes, with red-brick stripes and white polka dots. A pattern with soft pastel shades reproduces the tables Ellipse Table floating over a light blue chequering and projecting yellow to green shadows. Decoration inspired by the style of the 30s and 40s shows the axonometric projection of the bookcase System with a rigorous ochre outline contrasting with the black backdrop. A greyish geometric composition includes a plan and front views of the trolley Cubovo and the Ellipse Table, inspired by the marquetry of the cupboard Inlay. Finally, a refined decorative motif shows the two-colored chairs Gentle connected diagonally leaving light and dark green tracks behind them.

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Surprising combinations of shapes, colors and languages, from graphics to painting, from design to architecture, reinterpreting the Porro’s world from new viewpoints and providing its interiors with a unique flavor, emanating an unmistakable mix of elegance and savoir-faire which represents the distinctive mark of the brand.

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