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Urban Chic Bachelor’s Apartment Located in Bucharest


This elegant urban chic bachelor’s apartment located in Bucharest is designed by Bogdan Ciocodeica – a trendy Romanian designer whose projects we follow with great interest.

bachelor apartment bucharest 11

bachelor apartment bucharest 12

Entwining specific design elements that give sophisticated French vibe to the decor composition like lush plant life, retro chick decorations on the wall panels and balanced pastels – with modernistic design pieces, trendy design lamps and well measured color palette leaning towards the dark and masculine side, the designer composed intriguing urban dwelling with warm hints and unique character.

bachelor apartment bucharest 9

The main living premises are decided in muted pastel grays with black accent underlining the color composition and this combination together with the comfortable and trendy furnishing gives a well-measured ambiance vibe. Masculine elements like the bear-rug-skin on the floor, the dark mahogany dining table with matching chairs, the dark color accents and simplicity of shapes – give certain character and unique personality to the design arrangement. The elegant metal lines of the trendy black lamps are replicated in other design elements with clear lines and expensive shapes.

bachelor apartment bucharest 2

The bedroom design has the same classic and masculine vibe including the French bohemian expression of the retro walls, only this time the color palette is dominated with pastel greens which goes perfectly with the two large plats that balance the room composition at the opposite corners and give a fresh touch to the design arrangement. Trendy hexagonal-shaped tiles composition becomes a characteristic expression of the bathroom design. The vibrant green plant’s presence is not omitted event here.

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