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Textile Artworks Special Exhibition at COR Haus


The passion for high-quality, innovative textiles has united the manufactories COR Sitzmöbel (seating furniture) and rohi stoffe (fabrics) GmbH for half a century. Their current exhibition “Textile Artworks” at COR Haus presents unique carpets from the 13RUGS collection in combination with seating and upholstered furniture “dressed in” rohi.

13rugs 8

13rugs 9

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2017-11-10. In these digital times, there is a growing need for a sensually designed environment as an expression of one’s personality. COR and rohi are taking up this development in their special exhibition “Textile Artworks,” which can be seen at COR Haus from 17 November 2017 to 31 January 2018.

13rugs 7

13rugs 5

The jointly developed exhibition concept features walls, floors, and furniture with textile works of art. The handcrafted carpets from the 13RUGS collection float on the walls or freely in the room, with others extending as spacious meanders through the furniture exhibition, lying on platforms or adorning seating landscapes. The colors alternate from black and white to yellow, blue, orange and red; often in color gradients for which fabric selvedges are used in keeping with the principle of upcycling. Each new model is unique, always containing a pinch of “coincidence.” The result cannot be precisely predetermined – as with every work of art.

13rugs wendler wernert 12

13rugs opera rug textile 6

rohi opera 1

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