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Support Gustrich at Kickstarter Campaign


Wooden faucets and sinks are a new unique way to improve your interior. Gustrich has been working at this for several years, and after all tests of the prototypes, they are ready! Love the idea? Support Gustrich at Kickstarter.

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We are driven by the belief that excellence in craftsmanship and design enhances the quality of people’s lives in all environments – at home, at work, and in shared spaces. For many years we gained experience about materials and designs. And we decide to take next big step. Bring our passion and knowledge in this new masterpiece. Be part of the change!

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The philosophy of forwarding thinking creative design, rooted in the traditions of craftsmanship. We have worked very hard over the past years to reach this stage. We tried many designs and materials. To get right alchemy: unique design without losing functionality. And now we can offer it in our faucets and sinks.Our goal is fully satisfied customers. And to do that, we sincerely need your support! Together, let’s make Gustrich design icon and a Kickstarter success story!

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We have no regrets about the quality of our products. We are using only height quality materials from manufacturers who are tested over the years to meet our quality standards. We are hand making our products in our workshop in Europe. Each product goes through many stages of production.And it takes a lot of hours to reach perfection. With attention to details. Starting from matching wood grain for each faucet till packaging. To make sure that standard of work will meet both your and our high expectations.

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