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Minimalist Pieces of Black Furniture ILES


For their graduation project at the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław, Poland, friends Kamila Potocka, Karolina Koryniowska, and Maja Górowska came together to create the ILES furniture collection which rethinks spacial organization.

iles furniture concept 5

The minimalist pieces of black furniture are designed to be configured into “islands” allowing the furniture to be placed in the center of the room, instead of pushed against the wall like most.

iles furniture concept 4

The island approach gives the user access to each unit from different directions forming zones that also provide the overall room a sense of multiple spaces. The concept was conceived for the millennial generation who prefer minimalist furniture that also is functional. Also, with the tendency to change their residence more frequently, they need pieces that are easy to move and put back together.

iles furniture concept 3

The design of the graphic pieces leans towards sleek and linear with unique twists. The trio merges different materials, like powder coated steel pipe, raw CDF plank, and buckwheat groat (to fill pillows), all in black, for a cohesive look.

iles furniture concept 2

iles furniture concept 1