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Space-Saving Design Idea at 45m2 Apartment


Ingenious, modern and minimalist composition for a small space – 45.0 m2,  in an urban setting. This amazing project in Iran is carried out by architectural studio Ashari Architects. Clear, elegant lines and shapes, ingenious knacks, custom-made structures and furniture, hidden compartments and movable furnishing utilize the roof-top storage space in a residential apartment building in Shiraz, Iran.

45 m2 apartment 1

45 m2 apartment 16

Thanks to its vast openings towards the roof-top terrace -that blurs the borders between in and out- the luminosity of the natural sunlight fillies the premises and warmly reflects upon the beautiful blond- wood cladding. Combining the natural feel of the exquisite woodwork whit the industrial touch carried by the black metal structures, interior details, and ingenious movable systems the designers achieved well-balanced ambiance with modern emanation.

45 m2 apartment 4

Elegant and multi functional – table, desk made by rustic wooden slabs upon a minimalist metal frame, trendy furniture piece with bold red color, king-sized suspended bed (inspired by “Abrak,” ancient swings in Shiraz) and trendy lamps compose this minimalist yet dynamic modern decor. The multiple hidden compartments and storage spaces clad in custom-made wooden structures give a clean and functional touch. Although small space offers various functions and nicely arranged design angles: the large steering wheel that opens and closes the windows structures becomes a picturesque design element of the interior.  Photography by Parham Taghioff, AmirAli Ghaffari

45 m2 apartment 14

45 m2 apartment 11

45 m2 apartment 12

45 m2 apartment 17

45 m2 apartment 9

45 m2 apartment 15

45 m2 apartment 3

45 m2 apartment 2

45 m2 apartment 6

45 m2 apartment 7

45 m2 apartment 13

45 m2 apartment 18