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Wall Covering Suitable to Bathrooms


The application of the wallpaper has no more limits: waterproof and damp-proof these eclectic wall coverings are suitable to damp environments such as bathrooms, showers, fitness and wellness centers, spas and over time they can be easily replaced to renovate in simplicity even those environments.

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 8

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 3

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 2

Instabilelab a smart Venice company with a limitless creativity, provides all the collections in two different finishes: Fibra Glass (fiberglass + starch) and Fibra Tex (non-woven fiberglass fabric). Both of them go beyond the standard wallpapers, smooth to the touch, the wall looks like to be covered with a material for a show-stopping result.

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 4

Several are the graphics which display natural elements, stylized architectures, soft shades, continued motifs, photos and unique designs projected by a company which becomes the real “interpreter” of the wall, by providing different solutions for any style. Instabilelab offers Acustica wallpaper made up of a fiberglass fabric laminated with a special honeycomb veil which improves significantly the sound quality of the environment (reduces noises coming from outdoor and vice versa) a particularly delicate topic for the contract sector.

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 1

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 9

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 5

instabilelab wallpaper bathroom 6