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Scott Jarvie Created an Optical Illusion Void Rug


Multidisciplinary artist Scott Jarvie has designed an optical illusion Void Rug, when viewed from a particular angle, creates the image of a gaping circular void in the floor. The design was influenced by the notion that the design of a two-dimensional rug could be informed by a three-dimensional approach, where there was more thought embedded in the design than simply the surface pattern. The illusion of depth is achieved by careful consideration of perspective, light, and texture.

optical illusion void rug 1

Scott Jarvie’s design is as much an attempt at illusion as it is a traditional textile design. The rug is a simple geometric pattern; however, when viewed from a particular aspect it becomes a perilous void in the floor. It is a postmodern concept rendered with a modernist palette. The stark simplicity of the aesthetic is in distinct contrast to some Jarvie’s recent designs. The piece aspires to be more than a utilitarian item, exhibiting elements of the surreal or the otherworldly, the fabric of dreams rather than daily life.

optical illusion void rug 2

optical illusion void rug 3