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Apartment That Maximize Small Space with Clever Design


This contemporary apartment with classic urban features is a result of the intervention of don’t DIY Studio, here they had preserved the original layout and flow of premises adding modernistic trades that allow free movement between the spaces, sunny illumination to all and an atmosphere of freshness and ease. Sliding panels or white doors that merge with the walls, vast windows with trendy white framing, custom-made arrangements and intriguing cladding determinate the charm and unique character of this apartment.

studio dont diy apartment sofia 1

studio dont diy apartment sofia 9

studio dont diy apartment sofia 8

Entwining luminous whiteness with exquisite wooden cladding, flooring, and furniture the designers composed a home that is inviting, cozy and fresh at the same time. The sequence of premises evolves from the minimalist, luminous kitchen to the living room where the built-in closet and library compose a premise of warmth and coziness. The modern modular sofa in characteristic and bright color gives a focal accent to space.

studio dont diy apartment sofia 5

studio dont diy apartment sofia 3

The living room space connects the premise with the bedroom. The bedroom is kept with minimal furnishing, characteristic custom-made additions and with the prevailing whiteness of color spectrum. The stylish apartment design includes exquisite materials palate, elegant color scheme, intruding lightning solutions, witty custom-made additions (like the sky-light opening in the kitchen, or even the functional closed in the master bedroom) that define the character of this modern apartment.

studio dont diy apartment sofia 4

studio dont diy apartment sofia 2