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Wide Range of Chairs for Every Setting by Bonaldo


Bonaldo, the Italian company, specialized in the production of interior design furniture, among its collections offers a wide range of chairs suitable for every setting, both indoor and outdoor. Here below is a selection of chairs ranging from those with leather or fabric upholstery to those entirely realized with plastic material, from the most recent ones to Bonaldo‘s timeless best sellers.

bahia chair mauro lipparini bonaldo 13

Light graphic marks define the Bahia chair designed by Mauro Lipparini. Curved shapes and simple tubular metal elements create a balanced shape, which is ideal both in residential settings and in smart contract environments (such as offices, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies). The curved backrest extends forward in a single line, allowing the arms to rest freely while enveloping the user’s back for maximum comfort. Frame in painted metal, chrome, copper or matt brass finish. Upholstery in leather, eco-leather or fabric

bahia chair mauro lipparini bonaldo 12

lias chair gino carollo bonaldo 14

Lias is the new chair designed by Gino Carollo. Lias, an expression that derives from the word layers, is the term used in European geology to point out the early Jurassic period when the Earth’s stratification was formed. Indeed, layers define the design of this new chair. The border follows the entire silhouette of the seat and the backrest, with two edges which draw its contour: a well-finished tailoring detail which emphasizes the comfort granted by the generous padding. The base is available in metal or wood.

lias chair gino carollo bonaldo 15

filly chair bartoli design bonaldo 8

Filly, a family of five seats that are entirely upholstered with removable covers, is designed by Bartoli Design and is the result of formal and technical research carried out to develop a versatile product in which comfort, functionality, and styling are complementary attributes. Shapes and dimensions vary to satisfy every requirement, including the need to combine different versions in the same setting: Filly, with traditional sizes; Filly up, with a higher back for improved comfort; Filly large, with a wider seat; Miss Filly, with armrests; Filly too, the stool. Upholstery: leather, eco-leather or fabric.

filly chair bartoli design bonaldo 5

filly chair bartoli design bonaldo 7

filly chair bartoli design bonaldo 4

filly chair bartoli design bonaldo 6

giuseppina chair dondoli e pocci bonaldo 16

In creating Giuseppina, designed by Dondoli e Pocci, Bonaldo was inspired by the current trend in which reassuring, classic shapes are reinterpreted and modernized, thanks to contemporary materials, production techniques, and formal details. Giuseppina is, therefore, a modern, ironic reinterpretation of the traditional kitchen chair, whose shape is used in this chair. It is transformed into something new and up to date through the types of material used and the six colors in which it is offered: non-transparent white, black and red, transparent or semi-transparent smoked and violet. Its mix of tradition and modernity brings Giuseppina out of the restrictive environment of the kitchen, from which it takes its inspiration, to adapt to others, for example, terraces and gardens or contract use. Frame: polycarbonate, through gas injection molding in a single piece

giuseppina chair dondoli e pocci bonaldo 2