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Curved Wooden Seat Designed by Ineke Hans for GTV


Reaffirming the constant commitment to research and the profound vocation dedicated to design research, GTV presents a one-off seat designed by Ineke Hans at the Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, a place of artistic and architectural inspiration, deeply connected to the history of the brand that was founded in Vienna in 1853. This city is symbolic of contemporary design and of the history of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna which proved itself as the protagonist in the crucial passage from crafts to industry, defining the visual grammar of contemporaneity whilst combining tradition and innovation since its inception.

kunsthalle wien chair ineke hans 2

The eclectic Dutch designer commissioned GTV for Was ist Loos?, a monographic exhibition curated by Juliane Bischoff, for the production of the Kunsthalle Wien Chair, a curved wooden seat that reinterprets the brand’s stylistic characteristics through the disenchanted approach typical of Hans.

kunsthalle wien chair ineke hans 3

The Kunsthalle Wien Chair is part of the body of works, partly produced ad hoc for the exhibition, with which Ineke, starting with a play in the title itself on the German phrase “what’s going on” and the name Adolf Loos, seeks to analyse the status quo of international design in contrast with the profound stylistic influences of the Viennese designer and critic, a prominent figure that has deeply marked the epoch and history of contemporary design, capable of posing socio-economic questions and reflections that formed the basis of a radical epochal change.

kunsthalle wien chair ineke hans 4

Today, with this show, being the first dedication in Austria set up inside the Kunsthalle that is traditionally devoted to contemporary international art, with experimental displays that seek to stimulate reflection on issues related to society, Ineke chooses this same approach by reflecting upon contemporary design in socio-economic terms, by promoting a new sensibility and responsibility towards society. The hybrid style is, in fact, deeply linked to the contemporary, the ties and boundaries between work and private life and the aesthetic and functional challenges that today’s increasingly connected and globalized society imposes on the designers themselves.

kunsthalle wien chair ineke hans 1

The overview of Hans’s work thus explores the present and the future of design, focusing on one hand on Vienna as a place of worship of contemporary design forged by the work of Loos and the Thonet brothers, and on the other hand to recount unusual approaches to design. For Ineke, GTV’s involvement was therefore entirely natural. The iconic Loos Café Museum, designed in 1898 to furnish the famous Café Museum in Vienna, is still in the catalog, a refined and timeless object that is revived today thanks to new production techniques while maintaining constant the quality of craftsmanship that saw its development.

kunsthalle wien chair ineke hans 5