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White Brick House by James Russell Architect


A breathing house, we won’t mistake if we call this Australian project of James Russell Architect – just that. The contemporary and light expression of the design, the large glass structures that allow the sun to penetrate through different house premises in different day hours and of course the characteristic structure of extruded clay bricks that composes the central part of the facade, give this house specific airiness and breathable composition.

naranga avenue house 1

naranga avenue house 13

The almost Zen garden assembly in the center of the premise and its containing hole, the million tiny holes in the clay bricks that envelop the house in a natural lattice. That filters the sun, the rain and the breeze, the large window walls that secure a view but at the same time are cleverly arrange to give privacy. Every aspect of the architectural composition allows the house to connect with its surrounding and … well … just breath.

naranga avenue house 8

The materials palette is kept light, natural and with a luminous expression: timber cladding and furniture, bright shining surfaces, ocean blue accents and abundance of white compose an ambiance of ease and airiness that is in union with the house construct. Due to the limited budget, the house offers innovative approach and multiple clever architectural design solutions and insertions and as the architects say: “Tight budget is a driver of innovation”.

naranga avenue house 14

naranga avenue house 3

naranga avenue house 6

The design composition is minimal, contemporary and very stylish. Light structures, white furniture, fresh wooden accents and timber structures, intriguing white glazed brick walls – all speak of modern minimalism, ease, and attention towards the detail.

naranga avenue house 4

naranga avenue house 2

naranga avenue house 12

naranga avenue house 11

naranga avenue house 5

naranga avenue house 9