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Luxury Family House in Brazil


This modern Brazilian house project by Studio Colnaghi Arquitetura gives us a spacious and comfortable read on a modern lifestyle. Entwining wood, natural stone and marble the architects composed simple-framed, one storey home with a linear projection that gives easy access, immense spaciousness and abundance of natural light to the different premises of the house.

studio colnaghi casa ac 1

studio colnaghi casa ac 9

studio colnaghi casa ac 8

Taking advantage of the large, flat plot the architects emphasized the close connection between the indoor and outdoor space, whose merging occurs through large glass frames. The designers incorporated some clever high-tech solutions like the retractable glass cover to the pool area that is justified by the variability of the local climate. Or the challenging landscaping and the close connection between the grand terrace and the interior living space with their dissolved binderies between open and close space – to secure maximum comfort and enjoyable experience for the inhabitants and their guests.

studio colnaghi casa ac 14

studio colnaghi casa ac 11

studio colnaghi casa ac 13

Luxurious and exquisite materials palette: with the strong wooden accents, the classy elegance of the marble additions and natural stone structures; is composing vast open premises with interconnected functions. The open layout of kitchen, dining zone, and cozy soft siting areas predispose multiple interactions between the inhabitants of the home in ambiance that is luminous and welcoming. The touch of colorful textile elements amongst the wooden furniture adds to that welcoming warmth but in subtle and elegant manner.

studio colnaghi casa ac 18

studio colnaghi casa ac 12

studio colnaghi casa ac 19

Fashionable lamps, an abundance of fresh greenery that entwines very well with the wooden cladding and furniture, give a new and trendy appearance to the communal living premises. Well-chosen insertions of unique furniture pieces – like some of the coffee tables, the custom-made structures in the kitchen zone and the tribal art motifs – makes the house interior entertaining and fashionable. The place emanates elegance, luxury and spacious living lifestyle that are very tempting and stylish.  Photography by Vanessa Bohn, Denise Wichmann

studio colnaghi casa ac 16

studio colnaghi casa ac 2

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